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At the Atlanta-based Angell Law Firm, we believe that injustice toward one is injustice toward all—and that a person who strives to save another is working toward justice for all others. That’s why our mission focuses on personal injury law. Nobody is more vulnerable than the injured.

If you want to know our story, you can read it here. Then make an appointment to visit us at our office on gorgeous, historic Peachtree Road, the grand boulevard running northward through the famed Buckhead community of Atlanta (and the site of Atlanta’s most noteworthy historical architecture).

We’re nestled near Lenox Mall among upscale boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, and hotels. Jeffrey Selin wrote in The Los Angeles Times, “As Rodeo Drive is to Beverly Hills and Fifth Avenue is to Manhattan, so is Peachtree Road to Atlanta.”  

Automobiles, Trucks, Motorcycles, and Personal Injury in Atlanta

Georgia Personal Injury Statistics
Source <a href=httpsinjuryfactsnscorgstate datadeaths by state target= blank rel=nofollow noopener>NCS Injury Facts<a>

Drivers owe a “duty of care” to other motorists and pedestrians. They must be sure to check blind spots, remain attentive, be sober, and obey all rules of the road. Negligence of these duties is the crux of a client’s injury case.

At The Angell Law Firm, we deal with two particular types of auto accidents, each of which requires special legal knowledge beyond what simple car crash cases require:

  •     Truck accidents
  •     Motorcycle accidents

Truck accidents can be particularly devastating: Commercial trucks, when fully loaded with cargo, weigh 40 tons, on average. A truck of that weight traveling at 65 mph—the speed limit on I-285, the Atlanta perimeter—is always potentially deadly.

Our lives require truckers. Without them, an essential element of the worldwide supply chain suffers. Truckers matter. But truckers owe the same duty of care to you that you owe to them since you share the road.

Motorcyclists are not as well-shielded as car or truck drivers, which is why motorcycle accidents are most often quite serious. Internal injuries are frequent and often life-threatening. Brain injuries, for instance, can affect cognitive abilities, mood regulation, and motor skills.

Other motorcycle crash injuries are more apparent: from road rash to spinal cord injuries and amputations, they can be devastating. These conditions are costly to treat, and people too injured to work may lose their income, be unable to pay medical bills and costs of living, and have certain non-urgent kinds of care denied.

After a vehicular accident, seeking medical attention is imperative, even if you don’t think you need it. Your personal injury case will require extensive documentation, including evidence of your medical condition immediately after the accident. The defendant’s attorney will try to discredit you, so in order to bolster your defense, keep copies of all communications, including:

  •       Insurance letters
  •       Hospital bills
  •       Payslips that may show reduced wages due to absences
  •       Unpaid or late utility bills

If you’re involved in an accident and able to do so, take pictures of the scene and video recordings of eyewitnesses–with their consent, of course.

At The Angell Law Firm, we have seen it all—and while we wish we could never have to see it again, we will. And when we do, we won’t rest until we get you the compensation you deserve.

Wrongful Death on Atlanta Highways

Georgia Highways

Vehicular crashes account for the largest percentage of personal injuries nationwide. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported nearly 7 million crashes in the United States in 2018. 

According to the NHTSA, only 1% of auto crashes result in death. But that’s still more than 33,000 road-related deaths annually, 1,474 of them in Georgia. Road crashes are the leading cause of death for people under 55.

Accidents can happen anywhere, and they can be life-changing. Imagine you’re driving down Peachtree Road appreciating the beautiful Cathedral of St. Philip. Suddenly your car veers off the road after a negligent motorist from a side road strikes your passenger side in a t-bone impact. You’re injured, but alive. Your passenger, however, is not so lucky.

Georgia’s wrongful death statute, O.C.GA 51-4-2, permits the decedent’s family to file a wrongful death lawsuit against a negligent driver. The victim’s surviving spouse is the first person who can file a wrongful death claim on behalf of the deceased. If no spouse is living, then the order in which family members can file the suit is as follows:

  •     Parents
  •     Siblings
  •     Nieces and nephews
  •     Grandparents
  •     Their lineal descendants (blood relatives)

Damages that the court awards may vary but can include coverage of funeral and burial expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering.

If you’ve lost a spouse or family member in an accident due to the negligence of another party, our team of personal injury lawyers at The Angell Law Firm is here to take your case.

We’ll Win Your Case

Atlanta novelist Margaret Mitchell, who lived in Buckhead, was killed by a speeding motorist right on Peachtree Street in 1949. We at the Angell Law Firm live with that history every day, and we move forward in the knowledge that we have a special duty to injured Atlantans.

No financial settlement can bring back a loved one or restore a paraplegic’s ability to walk. But we understand that financial distress, lost wages, and property damage can diminish a person’s quality of life just as much as bodily injury can.

Even if you’re partially to blame for your injury, we can get you compensation. Plaintiffs who are deemed less than 50% responsible for an accident are eligible for partial defrayment.

Dealing with the law can be frightening, all the more so if you also have to deal with doctors, hospitals, insurance, and expensive medical bills. If you need an advocate that you can trust, we will be on your side.

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If a Negligent driver injures you, we can help.

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We represent and fight for injured motorcycle accident victims.

Wrongful Death

We fight for families that have suffered wrongful deaths.

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If you’re injured by a defective product, let us help.

Truck Accidents

Truck accident injuries can be catastrophic, but we can help.

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Dog bite injuries are serious, and the victims deserve compensation.

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Our founder, Bryce Angell, and every attorney at the Angell Law Firm will take your case seriously and treat you with the compassion you deserve. Our years of experience in personal injury law enable us to protect your rights, especially when someone else’s negligence has violated them.

Belinda Haywood
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Best law firm in GA hands down! Very responsive, reliable & professional. The customer service that they provide is unbeatable. I would definitely recommend this law firm to all my friends and family! Keep up the great work!

Personal Injury Lawyer in Atlanta, GA

We invite you to check out our reviews page to see why many others have chosen our law firm and hired us with confidence.

Call us at (770) 217-4954 for a free consultation with one of our injury lawyers and visit us at 3391 Peachtree Rd NE #110, Atlanta, GA, 30326.

Claudia S.
04:06 18 Jun 24
I was poisoned by my ex-husband.
Janice F.
17:17 18 May 24
My experience with this firm was outstanding!! Please believe me when I say that they worked with me it felt like I was the only client. You can definitely trust them! I was not payed to post this review.
Evelyn B.
00:05 08 Mar 24
I am beyond proud to be represented by this law firm they will forever have my support and business very professional and dependable!!!!! 5 ⭐️ thank you 🙏🏾
Tamika D.
04:23 30 Jan 24
Katie was awesome!!! By the time my case made it to her the process was so smooth it was a long year coming to a conclusion.
Shawn W.
21:06 12 Jan 24
I want to say thank you to Katie, she was amazing.
Aj H.
17:01 29 Dec 23
Ryan Guillory and team! Fought hard on my behalf. They kept an open line of communication with me,and remained with me every step of the way throughout my case!
Sir G.
19:55 12 Dec 23
They are a great law firm Katie thanks
Vernon G.
15:50 06 Dec 23
Andrew M.
15:32 04 Dec 23
Megan was amazing! I’m glad you have such a wonderful person like her in office.
Tyla F.
15:07 07 Nov 23
I met Abby at my current job and she was amazing…. Even though I don’t need and attorney I definitely would do the Angel law firm. Abby seems very knowledgeable and willing to help… thanks again Abby you’re the best… she deserves a friendly raise…
Marilyn M.
18:32 27 Oct 23
Ryan was very helpful with my case . Helen was great also with getting my check for me . Megan at the front desk was very pleased women
Chantel D.
18:03 12 Oct 23
Ryan did a great job on my case! Megan was so helpful! If I ever need to I will come back!
Eric W.
18:43 11 Oct 23
Ryan is great.Megan was very helpful.
gulelat m S.
13:29 10 Oct 23
I am so happy to have been able to work with Angell Law Firm! If you’re looking for a lawyer to actually treat you like family and not just another case, you’re looking at the right place. They actually care about getting you compensated are literally have your best interest! I want to specially thank Megan, Ryan, & Helen for EVERYTHING! You guys are the best!
Lil C.
13:56 29 Sep 23
I came to Angell Law Firm with my back against the wall! My former lawyer was dragging their feet with my case, not returning calls or emails, and just overall not doing what was supposed to be done as some one who was on our side. I was referred to Ryan from a friend and he did not disappoint! He & Megan did everything they said they were going to do and kept us updated the whole time throughout the process. I loved everything about them & would definitely recommend to anyone!
Queen T.
13:42 29 Sep 23
I will like to Thank Katie for getting back to me with the information I was asking for to get my case settled. And I would also like to Thank Megan for being so sweet and she she was able to answer the questions I had.
Angela M.
17:34 19 Sep 23
They are good with a friend of mine!!!
Valerie G.
13:43 23 Aug 23
Kyle Kimber IS AWESOME!!!!!! This law firm is great. Megan is so sweet. Ryan is great as well . They don’t treat like a number they communicate with you like family. I highly recommend this personal injury law firm
Shontay C.
14:17 22 Aug 23
Michael D.
07:32 20 Aug 23
Megan was very helpful and sufficient, Ryan guillary was amazing and got the best out the case
Julio W.
19:00 18 Aug 23
walbel W.
17:56 17 Aug 23
Meghan and Ryan were always extremely helpful. Never had any trouble made something that could have been extremely stressfully very easy and straight forward.
Abriella W.
19:46 16 Aug 23
The Angell Law Firm worked their magic with my case. Thank you all so much for your hard work and dedication to your clients!! I am a satisfied customer and if I need any help in the future I know who I could call on.
Sharmelle W
16:58 02 Aug 23
MEGAN!!!! She sis simply awesome. After receiving my settlement she checked in. Super kind and gave me comfort. Thanks Megan. 😁❤️
Erykah S.
13:38 28 Jul 23
So many accident attorneys in the metro Atlanta area with bad reputations I was very skeptical whom to hire to represent me in my accident. However, after reading reviews about the Angell Law Firm and their proven track record of successful cases; I knew I wanted to reach out to them for representation.From the 1st initial call the Angell Law Firm team made me feel comfortable and effectively communicated with me through the whole process.Kyle was amazing. He take pride into getting you the medical treatment you deserve. Kyle truly went over and beyond.My compensation payout met and exceeded my expectations.Thanks Angell Law Firm.
Jonathan I.
12:14 13 Jun 23
My husband and I were involved in a car accident. From the moment our call was picked up, Ryan did a great job at answering all our questions and making us feel comfortable in a stressful situation. Their entire team has been very caring and helpful, it’s really obvious this is a firm that not only cares for their clients, but has the experience and knowledge to handle your case. This is the second time Angell Law Firm has helped me. We are so happy we found this firm. Thank you once again Ryan and the team at Angell Law Firm!
18:52 07 Jun 23
Love this place! They handled two cases for me and they did a great job! I really appreciate how they kept me informed about my case. It was an easy process and stress free! Just left a Braves game with them. It was so fun. They definitely appreciate their clients! Thank you again!
Stacey M
03:05 27 May 23
Great people and they work with you really well
Joseph C.
18:36 16 May 23
They way was amazing from Amy Mercer
19:42 11 May 23
The absolute BEST Law Firm I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. They accepted my case when I didn’t think I really had one. And they were able to quickly get my case settled and for more money then I ever expected. Thank you Angell Law. Your staff was fabulous. I will be recommending the Law Firm to All my friends and family.
Kristina C
14:32 04 May 23
Angell law firm helped me with my accident and cared more about my well-being then the money. It really sounds like they put their clients first. Mr Kyle was my case manager and he was the best I got so far. Calls everyday with updates, and asking how I am feeling. Would recommend to my friends and family.
Jazmine D.
04:16 28 Apr 23
Great firm to work with! Most law firms you have to reach out to get your case information. But Angell law firm kept me updated on the status of my case and in the loop about the actions being taken to settle my case. Definitely would recommend!
Kenya G.
18:46 07 Apr 23
Angell Law Firm was a great resource for my case. They have a professional staff that will walk you through every step. I highly recommend them.
Sally S.
20:01 10 Mar 23
Great service, very professional Karla and Katy helped with translating for mom. Our case manager always kept us updated! Would definitely recommend😁
Rosalina L.
19:31 10 Mar 23
Most professional people to work with
Antwan W
19:06 10 Mar 23
Great company and I would recommend agell law firm highly
xavier G.
17:47 29 Nov 22
Contacted Angel law firm about 3 years ago, communication was lacking but in the end they got me a generous settlement for my accident. Couldn't be more grateful! Thank you Angel Law!!
Jin Y.
22:23 15 Aug 22
The Angel Lawyer Firm was so supportive and informative every step of the way. They were able to settle my case very quickly and we received enough to start a college fund for my son. Thank you for everything you did for us.
Charity S.
18:37 21 Jun 22
Valerie zambrano has help my daughter more than a family, she is so thoughtful and with her all this process has been so much easier. Thank you Valerie for your hard work and good heart ❤
lina maria B.
01:23 30 Jan 22
Valerie Zambrano is the best, she give to my family great attention and orientation in moment after accident. 100% recommended, call the angell law firm and ask for Valerie Zambrano. Thank You Valerie!
Joaquim F.
01:19 30 Jan 22
My case started off seems like with people who didn’t want to do their job and was not keeping me in the loop.then I got robin andrews and she called me to fill me in as needed and she worked to get me took her a month while everyone else was dragging my case.thank you robin
Kasieah W.
14:07 16 Jan 22
I was referred to this firm from my girlfriend's mother. We were in a car accident and needed to get care and help with getting our lives back after the car accident. My work schedule isn't the easiest to plan aroundbut through every step Ryan and Katie were there assisting us and informing us of the following process. I've never had a better legal experience. Thank you Angell Law Firm!!!
Deslina G.
14:04 14 Dec 21
My mom recommended the Angell Law Firm to me and my gf after our car accident. Their team was very professional, informative, and responsive. Both my gf and I patiently went through our healing process, and we were very satisfied with the settlement outcome. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs legal representation for an injury.
13:50 14 Dec 21
Me and my wife would like to thank you Dawn Evans for your hard work and your determination to win this case I know that it was a rough patch of a rough start but it's not how you start it's how you finish. Thank you for staying in the fight.We are greatly appreciative of Your Work and Your Team Hard Work.Thanks Again And Blessings.Sincerely THADDIEUS J Duley Jr
Thaddieus D.
23:19 22 Sep 21
NOBODY asked me to, or helped me to write this review and NOBODY OFFERED TO PAY ME OR HAS PAID me to write this review. I am a legal dunce and VERY SCARED of litigation in any form whether or not I am right or wrong in the issue. My car was totaled from a rear end hit. I chose The Angell Law Firm after a lengthy internet search. Mr. Ryan Guillory was assigned to my case. He frequently provided timely updates and also politely and patiently answered my MANY detailed questions. The Angell Law Firm negotiated a settlement with Root Insurance that was more than I was told to expect. Mr. Guillory advised me to leave all the stress to them and believe me, they did save me all the legal stress. I am very happy with how my case was handled, would definitely recommend and use The Angell Law Firm again as my experience with them was pleasant.
Robert T.
09:04 21 Sep 21
Some of the nicest people out there most firms don’t help much with cases as much but they’re on it!
Beth M.
22:37 31 Aug 21
It was a great pleasure working with Ryan Gullory, he was fast and professional and just a pleasure to work with. He was constantly on time, when he had a schedule he would always be there.
Sakia S.
13:57 27 Aug 21
I APPRECIATE THE ANGEL LAW FIRM!After my case settled, there were issues with my medical bills and they immediately had the situation corrected! I truly appreciate their above and beyond support!. This firm is consistent about getting matters completed. They work hard at being the best and guaranteeing that their clients are well taken care of.Thank you for attending to my concerns and getting the final results that I needed!
Belinda H.
15:55 09 Aug 21
Dawit R.
02:35 13 Jul 21
Thanks to Angel Law Firm I got everything I deserved after my car accident. They explained my case throughly and made sure I knew what was happening every step of the way which made it a lot easier on me after dealing with recovery & hospital bills! A huge thanks to the amazing staff!
Naidelyn L.
21:13 08 Jul 21
This practice is very professional and responsive. I had a crash a couple weeks ago and Marla made the process so easy and stress free for me. I would recommend this practice to anyone and everyone.
Jessica C.
20:55 08 Jul 21
AMAZING customer service. You can really tell they have passion for what they do. And truly care about their clients. Will definitely be recommending to friends and family 🥰
Farzana B.
20:45 08 Jul 21
Marla did a great job being responsive at all times and being very professional. Thank yoy marla
Cynthia A.
20:39 08 Jul 21
Best law firm in GA hands down! Very responsive, reliable & professional. The customer service that they provide is unbeatable. I would definitely recommend this law firm to all my friends and family! Keep up the great work!
Alejandra R.
20:29 08 Jul 21
Monce Coria (.
20:19 08 Jul 21
Best law firm, Angell Law Firm handled my situation perfectly and professionally. I highly recommended them for any incident.
20:12 08 Jul 21
Amazing Lawyers!!!
Carlos L.
20:05 08 Jul 21
I was extremely satisfied with the service that the law firm provided. I highly recommend it. Best service.
Brayan N.
20:01 08 Jul 21
Love this place! They are super professional and helped me so much
Jasmin G.
19:55 08 Jul 21
Marla was very professional, was extremely helpful and involved and will definitely be returning for the amazing service!
Gladys L.
19:39 08 Jul 21
I am so highly satisfied with Angell Law Firm, my experience with Marla was great she is very professional!
Gail D.
19:34 08 Jul 21
Luis O.
19:12 08 Jul 21
Mariana M.
19:09 08 Jul 21
I would recommend this law firm to anyone! Excellent service and very attentive, and professional. Marla did a great job in helping me throughout the whole process! 10/10 recommend to anyone!
Lucy D.
19:09 08 Jul 21
meliza M.
18:51 08 Jul 21
Such an amazing place! They are very professional and do the best! I recommend them! Marla was great to work with, very kind and professional! I was very satisfied with my outcome.
Amy R.
18:48 08 Jul 21
MARLA IS LITERALLY AMAZING & very professional. i recommended her 100%
shamya Y.
18:47 08 Jul 21
A great experience.
Alan V.
18:40 08 Jul 21
Great team!My first interaction with Valerie was super helpful. Had some questions about an incidentand she was very professional, knowledgeable, and really put me at ease with the whole situation.Thank you for your help!
Nelson F.
17:11 01 Jul 21
Easy to work with and very responsive to my needs. Valerie was super helpful!
Christopher C.
16:18 30 Jun 21
Thanks to Angell law firm, I wasn’t as stressed as I thought I would be since it was my first accident. They handled my case very smoothly and Julyanna was nice enough to answer all of my questions. Definitely will recommend to my family.
Monse L.
03:05 30 Jun 21
They Angell law firm is a very profesional and honest firm. Julyanna handled my case in a very professional manner
Alfredo C.
01:50 30 Jun 21
The Angell Law Firm is a very professional law firm and When Julyanna is handling the cases she’s always on top of it, which makes it very professional in the firm!
Sophia D.
01:21 30 Jun 21
I love you guys so much Marla was so helpful and answered me right away on the weekend I hope you all are doing well
Jessie M.
00:42 30 Jun 21
This law firm was really amazing & professional! Marla really worked hard with helping us! 10/10
jackeline R.
23:30 29 Jun 21
I love this law firm I was in a terrible accident and lost my left big toe and the people at angel lawfirm took care of me and got me what I deserved . Thank you
Antionette B.
23:10 29 Jun 21
I enjoyed working with this firm. I would recommend to anyone with any legal questions or issues.
Zac R.
21:41 29 Jun 21
I had a wonderful experience using this law firm and Angie Rivera was very patient and knowledgeable with all my questions
Subrena L.
21:39 29 Jun 21
After searching for about two weeks I had finally found the relief I had been seeking so desperately for. Valerie Zambrano was able to provide me with quality information in quality time for an overall quality experience.
Antonio S.
20:20 29 Jun 21
Angel law firm has amazing, caring and friendly staff. They didn’t stop working for the settlement I deserved!Thank you Marla for your hard work and especially thank you to the law firm.😇
Jennifer P.
18:50 29 Jun 21
Sylvia was professional and prompt in handling work. She was also good at communicating and updating me.
Annie L.
21:18 28 Jun 21
I was in an accident and this firm really went above and beyond. Overall everyone there was so wonderful and helpful in making my case successful.
Alena T.
20:22 28 Jun 21
Great customer service !!!
heather C.
19:49 28 Jun 21
Everything was done professionally. They were able to help me with everything I need. Definitely recommend if you are in need of a law firm
Vanessa T.
19:42 28 Jun 21
Tenisha B.
13:15 10 May 21
I am extremely pleased with the help that I received from Angel law firm they are extremely professional and Valerie is especially helpful thank you so much this was a great experience and I recommended to any and everyone who needs legal service of any kind that they provide.
Fiore D.
00:36 13 Apr 21
Felt comfortable with angel law firm from the beginning. Thank you so much
Tadarius M.
22:37 02 Apr 21
Angel Law is by far the best when it comes to taking care of their clients. Valerie and the whole team are amazing and very efficient with the process!
Sammy O
13:26 02 Apr 21
Tenisha B.
18:49 26 Mar 21
Awesome firm that gets great results. Deanna is the best hands down. She truly cares about each and every client and goes above and beyond to make sure each client is taken care of. Her communication, attention to detail, and determination to make sure she gets the best results possible is what makes this firm so great.
Jordan R.
18:25 26 Mar 21
Working with Deanna was a pleasure throughout my case. She was very communicative during this process, very empathetic about my situation and helped me every step of the way. I truly appreciate the work by the firm and will definitely recommend to anyone in the future.
Rosalba C.
18:07 26 Mar 21
Angell Law Firm help me with a case that I was dealing with for two years. Attorney Ryan Guillory was so amazing and helping win my case. Ryan Guillory was professional, courteous and knowledgeable about handling my case. Before Going to Angell Law Firm I went to another law firm and the attorney there waited my time and cause me to be disappointed. He told me that my case was not important and he couldn't help me. My daughter spoke with someone at Angell law firm and they told her to contact them. I so gracious for Ryan Guilloryat Angell law firm for his honesty, hard work, dedication and determination. If you have any issues or concerns about your case please give Angell law firm a chance. Thanks for taking my case.
Tamica P.
17:52 26 Mar 21
I love the way Deanna helped me and my family every step of the way she was there she never missed a beat and she didn’t give up on us she kept us updated on everything that was going on and it was a fast process and she got us back what was really owed to us thank you Deanna
simone P.
00:03 16 Mar 21
This law firm has represented me in a couple of cases and each time I have been very impressed with their responsiveness their level of communication and their professionalism I am particularly thankful to Deanna Lechance for her kindness and professionalism
Lamont H.
02:42 12 Mar 21
Highly recommend this legal team! Especially Deanna! You won't be disappointed! She's great to work with, fast response time, very professional, and communication was great!
Nicole F.
21:51 08 Mar 21
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