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Atlanta Dog Bite and Knockdown Attorney

Atlanta Attorneys Protecting Your Rights After a Dog Injury

Atlanta dog bit attorney
People in Atlanta are injured by dogs every year. Not all attacks are particularly serious. But, dog bites and knockdowns sometimes result in emergency room visits and injuries that take a long time to heal. There are even some cases that result in permanent disability or death.

If a dog in Atlanta bit you or knocked you down, you should hire an experienced lawyer to represent you. The sooner after the attack, the better. Call (770) 217-4954 to speak with our team of skilled dog injury attorneys today.

Here are some of the most common questions we receive about animal attacks in Georgia:

Naturally, the very first thing to do is get out of danger and seek medical help for your injury. If you are reading this because the incident just happened and you are still on the scene, gather as much evidence as you can, such as:

  • Identify the dog‘s owner
    • If the owner is there, don’t express anger. Gather their contact information.
  • Take photos
    • In cases where you don’t see the owner, take pictures of the dog, the location, your injuries, and witnesses.
  • Gather witness contact information
    • Though not always possible, do the best you can
  • Make an audio recording
    • While everything is fresh in your mind, open the voice recorder on your phone and make an audio record of everything you remember
  • Contact the police
    • Call 911. Your case will be better with an official police report on the record in the state of Georgia.

It’s not legally required for dog bite and knockdown victims to hire an attorney, but here’s why you should. 

The Miranda rights include “anything you say can and will be used against you.” In injury cases, this is true as well. 

The dog owner or their insurance representative will try and protect themselves against the legal consequences of your injury. They may ask multiple questions or try to get you to accept a settlement offer.

You’ve likely never dealt with something like this, and when we are hurt, we’re never at our best. So, let your attorney handle all of the communication. “Talk to my lawyer” is so easy and satisfying to say.

Breanna is very nice an she has a very sweet personality she is such a hard worker when it comes to her clients – Belinda Spann

The Angell Law Firm attorneys have handled cases like yours before and are very familiar with the tactics insurance companies use. Most importantly, if you hire them, they will have your best interests in mind, with a focus on getting you the full and fair compensation you deserve.

Most of the time, a dog owner will have insurance. If this is the case, expect a call from the insurance company shortly after the bite or knockdown.

The insurance adjuster will probably want to talk to you about your claim. If this happens to you, ask for the name of the insurance company, the telephone number, the claim number, the name of the person, and the address of the insurance company’s office.

Never talk about money or any type of settlement. Do not set up any meeting without your attorney to represent you.

The insurance company is trying to limit their liability and reduce their expenses. They are not on your side. In fact, they have a team of lawyers and agents whose sole job is to limit how much money they have to give you.

Having a lawyer from the powerful Angell Law Firm by your side is simply leveling the playing field. It’s never a good idea to go against the big insurance companies alone–let us help.

As with most things in life, it depends. Your lawyer will make a case for you that includes compensation for:

  • Scars
  • Medical costs incurred so far
  • Future medical costs
  • Emotional distress
  • Lost wages
  • Any other losses or expenses related to the attack

The dog owner’s insurance company will do their best not to pay you what your case is truly worth. Dog injury cases can be complicated, and many insurance companies will not even settle unless the victim has a lawyer. In most dog injury cases, hiring a lawyer is necessary to protect your rights and ensure you are fairly compensated.

Talk With A Dog Bite/Knockdown Lawyer Today

A dog bite or knockdown can cause great difficulties for you. With the help of an attorney that understands the laws surrounding dog attacks, there’s a better chance that you can find justice for your situation than if you went alone. 

It won’t be an easy task, particularly in the state of Georgia, where courts tend to be less harsh on dog owners. That’s why it’s so important for dog injury victims to have the Angell Law Firm represent them.

Call today. Our attorneys will review all the details of your case and answer all your legal questions. We are at (770) 217-4954 or fill out our online form so that we can begin helping you receive the compensation you deserve.

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