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An injury is one of the most unpredictable, yet potentially devastating experiences that you can suffer through. It affects many aspects of life. There are  financial costs to ensure that your body gets back to normal. You may also have to worry about making up for the income you may lose. You even have to adjust to whatever physiological differences may have resulted. This list is seemingly endless.

Angell law firm has an incredible team of top tier-personal injury lawyers. We stand ready to assist you in receiving the compensation you deserve. Call us at (770) 217-4954 to schedule a free consultation with one of our lawyers, so we can review your situation.

What is a Personal Injury Case?

Simply put, personal injury cases are legal issues that occur when someone is harmed due to someone else’s negligence.

The negligent party becomes legally responsible for that person’s harm. They are responsible to take care of the injured party’s medical expenses, pain and suffering, and any other resulting issue.

Austell, GA is home to the Dogwood Golf Club, the Sweetwater Tennis Center, and Six Flags over Georgia. Additionally, there are several recreational areas at numerous parks that cater to all sorts of needs and purposes. For example, Pine Street Park and Barry Park are home to various recreational activities.

Clearly, there are enough places and variables at play that may cause you to have an injury. This could be a slip and fall, a devastating dog bite, or any injury caused by a locations hazardous conditions.

What to Do After a Personal Injury

As soon as any injury has occurred, the most important thing is to get yourself to a doctor’s office. This is to ensure that your medical treatment can get started as soon as possible. It also provides detailed documentation on your condition and what is
required to return you to normal.

Based on where your injury occurred, you may find that you are approached by the negligent party’s insurance company. For example, the Cobb County Parks and Recreation Department would be legally responsible if you were to be injured in a park.

The insurance company is likely to attempt to offer you cash immediately. While it looks like the firm is just trying to help, it may be a ploy to avoid a larger pay-out in the future. It might seem like a blessing to get the money before your medical evaluation even takes place. However, that figure may only be a drop in the pan when compared to your actual medical bills.

The problem is that accepting the money typically means that you waive your right to more in the future. You should  contact a personal injury lawyer right away. This is the best way to protect yourself after any accidental injury.

Remember, you’re not the first person to be injured in Austell, GA. You need someone in your corner who has dealt with many other cases like yours. If you find yourself dealing with a personal injury, reach out to us at (770) 217-4954. Schedule a free consultation, so we can give you the best possible advice.
Hurt on the Job? Schedule a free consultation with our personal injury lawyers at The Angell Law Firm.

Personal Injury FAQs

There are lots of grey areas and reasons to be unsure when you deal with any kind of personal injury. We have done numerous free consultations for people who have gone through some of the most basic injures, as well as some of the most unbelievable, to ever happen.

During our consultation process, people have numerous questions about the occurrence. We have answered all of these, but some occur more frequently than others. Below is a quick run-through of some of these.

 What makes a claim valid?

You likely have a claim if you were injured due to an accident that wasn’t your fault. This consists of many occurrences that may have happened as a result of natural circumstances or for no reason at all. However, there is usually negligence on somebody’s part when an accident occurs. This party is responsible for the complete cost of dealing with your injury.

 What are some of the most common personal injury case types?

We have worked with many different case types over the years. However, the most frequently occurring ones in Austell include dog bites, car accidents, slip and fall cases, drunk driving accidents, worker’s compensation, rear-end cases, and uninsured motorist accidents.

 Is there any deadline for the filing of a personal injury claim in Austell, GA?

You have a maximum of two years to file a claim after an injury occurs. This deadline may not be very far away for you. That is why you need to reach out to a personal injury lawyer immediately. The deadlines are set by federal and state law in the city of Austell. Missing them means that you may miss out on your potential compensation.
Schedule a free consultation with our personal injury lawyers at The Angell Law Firm.

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So, if you live in or you are visiting Austell, GA, or you happen to be in the surrounding area, call Angell law at (770) 217-4954 to schedule your free consultation to see what we can do for you.

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