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Car Accident Injury Attorney Decatur, Ga

The Benefits of Hiring a Car Accident Attorney in Decatur

If you are involved in a car accident in Decatur GA, you are going to be faced with making an important decision, should I hire a car accident attorney

You have every right to consult with an attorney before you talk with an insurance adjuster.

Should you speak to the insurance company and don’t like their offer, you can refuse.

If you do refuse to entertain their offer, you can fight them yourself, or you can hire a skilled car accident attorney in Decatur.

The choice is yours.

Decatur, a small city with a population of less than 20,000, is conveniently located five miles from Atlanta.

Decatur started as an intersection of two trails.

In the 1830s, it was slated to be the southern terminus of the Western and Atlantic RR.

However, the citizens objected, and the railroad set up in nearby Atlanta.

With its manageable size and proximity to Atlanta, Decatur has succeeded in combining both worlds best.

Decatur, for its small population, boasts four hospitals, public and private schools.

The police department and the fire department look after the needs of the residents from their multiple locations.

Car insurance companies are for-profit businesses.

They are not in business to make friends, and insurance companies certainly don’t generate a profit when they pay money out on claims.

Insurance companies work diligently to keep settlements at a minimum.

The adjuster may make out as if he or she is on your side, but this is far from the truth.

Contact the angell law firm following your car accident in Decatur, Ga

When Do I Need to Hire a Car Accident Attorney?

If the vehicle accident resulted in injuries or considerable property damage, it is best to hire an attorney quickly.

You are invited to contact The Angell  Law Firm, LLC at (770) 217-4954.

There are several reasons why hiring a car accident is to your benefit.

An Attorney Knows the Value of Your Claim

It would be rare if a person involved in a car accident were to know what money they could get from a personal injury claim.

Granted, there are claim  calculators, but they are far from accurate.

To accurately determine the value of a claim, an amount has to be assigned to your pain and suffering, as well as hospital expenses, lost income, and damages.

An individual could only guess what injuries are worth, and guessing could result in a loss of thousands of dollars.

Car accident attorneys agree to take a case based on contingency.

As a client, you are not faced with upfront legal fees.

Because of this fact, there is no reason for the injured party to settle for anything less than an experienced attorney with a good record of winning for clients.

When you are represented by a personal injury attorney, you are leveraging their experiences at arriving at a meaningful settlement.

An Attorney Is Well Aware of the Process

Although you may think you know the value of your claim, you may no doubt be unfamiliar with the procedures involved in mediating or litigating your claim.

You must file specific documents well within the statute of limitations, which in Georgia is two years.

Because of your unfamiliarity with the law and its unique nuances, insurance companies can win the case based on technicalities that you were not aware of.

You do not want to lose because you were unaware of the legal process and procedures in Georgia.

The Angell Law Firm in Decatur is here for you after your car accident!

An Attorney Improves the Chance of Success

When going up against an insurance company and its legal team, it is akin to battle.

With a laypersons limited understanding of the law, it is like going into battle with no weapons.

Although you can try and prepare yourself to present a good case, it likely wont be enough.

The insurance company has far more legal knowledge and a far better understanding of the claims process.

When going into this type of battle, your best weapon is a skilled car accident attorney.

A skilled attorney will work diligently to recover maximum compensation for clients.

An Attorney Can Take the Case to Court

Most car accident cases never go to court.

Through negotiation and compromise the insurance company and your attorney likely will reach a fair settlement.

The reason may be simple.

Statistically, juries tend to rule against insurance companies.

Having the best car accident attorney in Decatur sends a message.

It shows the insurance company your preparation to take the case to trial.

This, more than anything, motivates insurance companies to offer an equitable settlement and offer it sooner.

If involved in a car accident in Decatur, GA., to contact The Angell Law Firm, LLC, and ask for a free case evaluation.

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