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Personal Injury Lawyer in Fulton County, GA

Fulton County, GA Personal Injury Lawyer – Serving the Injured in the Community

  • The Angell Law Firm is staffed with award-winning attorneys who have extensive experience representing clients in various personal injury cases.
  • Our lawyers are known for being honest and aggressive, which is one reason why we are so different from other top law firms.
  • Brice Angell is a knowledgeable attorney who has a reputation for going above and beyond for his clients–take a look at our reviews to see more.
  • We believe the best way to learn about your legal options is to meet with a lawyer, so we offer free consultations to all clients.

Every year, millions of people are seriously injured in car accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall cases, and other incidents that are not their fault. These victims incur massive medical expenses while treating their injuries. Many of them also cannot work during their recovery, which makes paying medical bills even more challenging. Victims don’t just suffer physically–they suffer emotionally, too. It’s common for victims who have been seriously injured to experience a great deal of emotional anguish after an accident.

There’s no doubt that being injured unexpectedly can completely disrupt a victim’s life. It’s not possible to turn back time for these victims, but personal injury attorneys can help them move forward. The personal injury lawyers at The Angell Law Firm will work tirelessly to seek justice on your behalf. We will aggressively negotiate to reach a favorable settlement, and if this isn’t possible, we will take your case to court to recover what you deserve.

Law Firm – Experienced in Car Accident Cases in Georgia

Fulton County Car Accident Lawyer – Helping Injured Motorists Recover Compensation After A Crash

  • The team of honest and aggressive attorneys at Angell Law is dedicated to helping car accident victims.
  • Bryce Angell is an award-winning lawyer who has served victims in Fulton County throughout his entire legal career.
  • Our lawyers are known throughout the legal community because they consistently win large verdicts for their clients.
  • Learn more about what it’s like to work with one of the best law firms in Georgia by reading the reviews on our website.
  • When you’re ready to discuss your case, schedule a free consultation with a top attorney on our team.

Your mind will be racing in the moments following a car accident, but it’s important to make an effort to stay calm and focused. Your first priority should be seeking medical attention so a doctor can treat your injuries. After seeing a doctor, you should get in touch with a car accident attorney as soon as possible.

A car accident attorney plays an important role in your quest to recover compensation for your injuries. Your attorney will be responsible for calculating the value of your claim and then negotiating with the at-fault party’s insurance company to reach a fair settlement. If a settlement cannot be reached, your attorney will need to take the case to court and convince a jury to rule in your favor.

If you have been injured in a car accident, let the experienced attorneys at The Angell Law Firm help. Call or email us today to get started.

Lawyer – Helping Dog Bite Victims Take Legal Action

Fulton County Dog Bite Attorney – Fighting Tirelessly to Protect the Rights of Victims

  • The entire team of award-winning attorneys at The Angell Law Firm has years of experience representing clients inside and outside of the courtroom.
  • Our lawyers provide honest and aggressive representation, which is why they are so successful.
  • When you work with our firm, your lawyer will travel to meet you at home or in the hospital, which is a service that other top law firms do not provide.
  • The best way to learn more about working with an attorney at The Angell Law Firm is to read through the reviews on our website.

Some dog breeds are known for being more aggressive than others, however the truth is that every dog is capable of biting and seriously injuring someone. Millions of people are injured by dogs every year. Some of these victims are lucky enough to walk away with minor wounds, but many others suffer far more serious injuries.

If the wound created by the bite is deep enough, the victim could sustain nerve damage as a result of the bite. Dog bite wounds can also become infected fairly easily, which can lead to life-threatening complications. If the dog is not vaccinated, the victim is at an even greater risk of contracting a potentially dangerous health condition.

Dog bite victims should take legal action to recover compensation for their injuries. If you have been injured by a dog, seek legal representation from an experienced personal injury attorney at The Angell Law Firm at once.

Legal Services – For Victims Injured in Georgia Semi-Truck Accidents

Fulton County Truck Accident Attorney – Aggressively Pursuing Compensation For Victims

  • The team of award-winning attorneys at The Angell Law Firm has years of experience fighting for compensation on behalf of truck accident victims.
  • Clients know that they will receive honest and aggressive representation when they work with our lawyers.
  • The best way to learn what it’s like to work with an attorney at our firm is to read the reviews on our website.
  • Schedule a free consultation with a lawyer from one of the top law firms in the state today.

Truck accidents can occur for many different reasons. Some of these accidents are caused by drowsy drivers who have spent too many hours behind the wheel of their commercial truck. Other accidents are caused by the trucking company’s failure to secure the cargo in the back of the truck or maintain the parts of the truck. Accidents can also occur when the driver is distracted or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Regardless of the cause, truck accidents can be incredibly dangerous. When a truck collides with a passenger vehicle, the passengers in the vehicle often suffer serious and life-threatening injuries. These injuries can be expensive to treat and can force victims to take time off of work while they recover. Fortunately, truck accident victims may be able to recover compensation for their injuries with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney. Call or email The Angell Law Firm today to learn more.

Trial Attorney – Winning Multi-Million Dollar Verdicts in Motorcycle Injury Cases

Fulton County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer – Helping Injured Motorcyclists Recover the Compensation They Deserve

  • The founder of The Angell Law Firm, Bryce Angell, is an award-winning attorney who has dedicated his career to helping victims of traffic accidents.
  • The Angell Law Firm is known as one of the best personal injury law firms in the state because of our honest and aggressive legal representation.
  • The passionate lawyers on our team will aggressively fight to recover compensation for motorcycle accident victims.
  • Take a look at the reviews page on our website to see what clients are saying about working with our attorneys.
  • If you’re ready to discuss your case, schedule a free consultation with a top lawyer on our team now.

When a car and a motorcycle collide, it is the motorcyclist that usually suffers the more serious injuries. This is because there is nothing to protect the motorcyclist, whereas motorists are protected by air bags, seatbelts, and other safety features. Motorcyclists can easily be thrown off of their bikes and onto the pavement, where they can sustain broken bones, brain damage, and spinal cord injuries. These injuries are serious–not to mention costly.

Motorcyclists who have been injured in accidents caused by negligent drivers should seek legal representation as soon as possible. The personal injury attorneys at The Angell Law Firm will work tirelessly to investigate the cause of the accident, use evidence to prove liability, and negotiate with the insurance company to reach a fair settlement. Let us focus on seeking justice on your behalf. In the meantime, you can allocate all of your energy on recovering from your injuries.

Civil Law Attorney – With Years of Experience in Wrongful Death Cases

Fulton County Wrongful Death Lawyer – Putting the Needs of Families First

  • At The Angell Law Firm, our attorneys solely work in personal injury law.
  • Bryce Angell, the founder of our firm, is an experienced attorney who strives to reach the best possible outcome for each client.
  • The award-winning lawyers on our team have access to extensive legal resources, which helps us win challenging cases.
  • Clients often refer to us as one of the top law firms in Georgia–take a look at the honest reviews on our website to find out why.
  • Take the first step towards recovering compensation–schedule a free consultation with an aggressive lawyer on our team.

A wrongful death claim arises whenever someone is killed due to the negligent acts of another person. For example, someone who is killed in an accident caused by a drunk driver has suffered a wrongful death.

Certain members of the victim’s family have the legal right to file a wrongful death claim and recover compensation for their loss. The first person who is allowed to file a claim in Georgia is the spouse of the victim. If there is no spouse, the victim’s children are next in line to file this claim. If the victim did not have a spouse or children, the parents can then file a claim on behalf of their deceased child.

No amount of money will be able to replace your loved one in your life. However, recovering compensation in a wrongful death case can help family members make ends meet and cover the costs of the victim’s funeral and medical expenses.

General Practice Attorney – Representing Defective Product Victims

Fulton County Mass Tort Lawyer – Helping Consumers Fight For Justice in Georgia

  • Bryce Angell is an award-winning attorney who has worked tirelessly on behalf of clients in Fulton County for years.
  • We are proud to be known as one of the best law firms in Georgia.
  • The honest and aggressive team of attorneys at The Angell Law Firm has won countless complex cases.
  • Read the reviews on our website to see what clients think about working with our knowledgeable lawyers.
  • To discuss your case, call a top lawyer on our team to schedule a free consultation today.

Most product liability cases involve one plaintiff who is attempting to recover compensation from a single defendant. However, a mass tort is different. Mass torts involving defective products are civil cases with multiple plaintiffs who have all been injured by the same defect. These plaintiffs can band together to file a mass tort against the party responsible for the defect. This is usually much more effective–not to mention cost efficient–than having each plaintiff file a case on their own.

If you have been injured by a defective product, contact the attorneys at The Angell Law Firm right away. These cases are known for their complexities, so it’s important to choose an attorney with experience in this area. At Angell Law Firm, we have handled countless product liability mass tort cases. Let us review the details of your case during a free consultation. If appropriate, we will explore the option of filing a mass tort against the negligent manufacturer responsible for the defect.

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Have you sustained injuries in an accident caused by another person’s negligence? If so, please contact our office now. The personal injury attorneys at The Angell Law Firm have experience in many different practice areas, including traffic accidents, wrongful death, premises liability, product liability, and dog bite claims. We proudly serve clients in Gwinnett, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, Marietta, Roswell, and throughout the greater Atlanta, GA area. Let us handle the insurance companies and fight for compensation on your behalf. Call 770-217-4954 or fill out the form on our website to schedule your free consultation.

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Personal Injury Lawyer in Fulton County, GA

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