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Garden Hills Personal Injury Lawyers

Garden Hills Personal Injury Lawyers

Let Angell Law Firm, The Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Garden Hills, Atlanta, GA Take Your Case

If you have been in an accident and you weren’t adequately compensated, you should be! At Angell Law Firm, we want to make sure that people are given a fair opportunity to be properly compensated. Whether you were in a motor vehicle accident, or a work-related incident, you can give us a call.   

Every year thousands of people are involved in work-related incidents, yet not all of these people are properly compensated. Generally, big companies don’t want to pay up, and they rely on you not taking them to court! That all can change with a simple call. 

How Do I Know If My Case Qualifies As A Personal Injury Case? 

There are a couple of things that your case needs to qualify as a personal injury case. In that same regard, there are a couple of other instances that need to fall in order for a case to be taken to court. 

The first thing that we are going to want to know is when this incident took place. At Angell Law Firm, we are typically going to be taking cases that occurred in Garden Hills within two years.  It becomes more difficult to prove the negligence or wrongdoing of a third party after such a long time. It is also the law!

Another necessary step in bringing your case to court, is the proof of negligence or wrongdoing. We have to prove that you or one of your loved ones was injured due to another’s negligence. 

That particular third party has to then have the means to be able to compensate you. When we are dealing with a work-related incident, the company that you are working with usually is held responsible. Say you are working for a notable restaurant in the area like the Atlanta Fish Market. In cases like, there is a good chance the company’s insurance will cover the issue. 
Hurt on the job? Schedule a free consultation with our personal injury lawyers at the Angell Firm in Garden Hills.

What Would You Need To Bring As Proof To Us?

As is the case with most instances that end up in court, there needs to be proof of the incident. This, in turn, will potentially be the evidence that we present in court to build your case. Therefore, it is usually a good idea to have substantial evidence to be able to make a case. 

The question is, “What would qualify, as solid evidence?” There are actually a couple of things that tend to work well in personal injury cases. Items such as medical records and police records work great. 

It is not to say that without these two, you couldn’t get help from a Garden Hills personal injury lawyer. Yet, having these documents can undoubtedly go a long way towards building your case. Thus, making it more likely that you can ultimately be properly compensated. 

More FAQs

There may be questions that you may have and rightfully would need answers to before booking our services. That is actually why we offer a free consultation with the best personal injury lawyers in Garden Hills! Still, here are a couple of more questions that you may need the answers to before you hire anyone. 

  • Does my injury have to be severe for me to be able to take someone to court over it? 

For the most part, the answer to this question would have to be ‘yes.’ In most cases, the injuries that lead to a personal injury case will be debilitating injuries. These injuries didn’t or don’t allow you to go about your daily life. They also keep you from earning a decent living. 

  • Could I blame an individual, not a company, in a personal injury case? 

Yes, personal injury cases are not limited to instances where we have an individual facing a company. You can file a claim ff there is evidence to support that a particular person was to blame for an injury that you sustained.

  • Are photos and videos considered valid forms of evidence?

Ultimately, that is going to depend on the photo or video that you are trying to use as evidence. Those particular videos or pictures have to be deemed relevant to the specific case. If you have photos or videos of the incident, you are welcome to share them with us. We can help you determine whether or not using them in court is wise. 

  • What type of injuries can you cover?

We have been involved in cases over all sorts of injuries. Of course, most of these injuries were deemed debilitating, at least for some time. Things like broken arms and legs are some of the more common injuries. 

Unfortunately, we have also covered cases where the family of our client was the one who sought our services. Due to the fact that, the person that had been involved in the incident lost their life.
Schedule a free consultation with our personal injury lawyers at the Angell Firm in Garden Hills.

Work With The Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Garden Hills, Atlanta, GA

There are a lot of different ways that you could potentially get injured, whether that be at work or on the road. If something happens to you and someone else is to blame, you deserve to be properly compensated. 

Sadly, you can’t always expect some folks to accept their responsibility in certain situations. When that happens, we at the Angell Law Firm are here to help you. Our job is to make sure that you get what you deserve. 

For your free consultation, all that you have to do is give us a call at (770) 217-4954. Call the best personal injury lawyers in Garden Hills today!    

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