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Johns Creek Car Accident Lawyers

Car Accident Attorney Johns Creek

Car Accident Attorneys Serving Johns Creek Auto Accident Victims

With a substantial volume of traffic coursing through Johns Creek daily, drivers attempting to circumvent congestion on major routes like I-285, I-85, and Highway 400 often opt for local roads. Unfortunately, increased traffic often correlates with an escalation in car accidents. Johns Creek has endured more than its fair share of severe car accidents on thoroughfares like Old Alabama Road, Jones Bridge Road, Medlock Bridge Road, and McGinnis Ferry Road. Despite ongoing initiatives between Johns Creek and Duluth to enhance safety, car accidents persistently threaten bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorists. For compensation due to injuries inflicted by negligent drivers, victims in Johns Creek, Roswell, Alpharetta, and the surrounding communities trust the proficient car accident attorney team at Angell Law Firm.

Why Should A Johns Creek Car Accident Victim Hire Angell Law Firm?

When a victim’s injuries result from another driver’s careless behavior, they are entitled to compensation. Such negligence includes failing to yield at intersections, running red lights, texting while driving, and veering into an oncoming traffic lane. A competent car accident lawyer recognizes applicable laws and knows how to demonstrate negligence.

Let’s take the example of a case we represented where the defendant driver was heavily intoxicated and struck our client’s vehicle head-on. Our client suffered multiple injuries, including broken bones and a concussion. Our firm was instrumental in gathering evidence of the driver’s negligence, including witness testimonies, police reports, and medical records. We successfully demonstrated to the jury the extreme recklessness of the driver, leading to a significant punitive damages award in addition to compensatory damages for our client.

In cases where a driver’s exceptionally dangerous behavior leads to an accident, juries may award “punitive damages” in addition to regular compensation. A competent personal injury attorney from Angell Law Firm will interview witnesses, liaise with medical providers, consult with the police officer who attended the car crash scene, and compile evidence to demonstrate if a negligent driver’s actions were more than merely negligent.

Our car accident lawyers spend ample time comprehending how a negligent driver has disrupted our client’s life. We deliberately maintain a small caseload to spend as much time as needed with each client, ensuring we understand their cases better than anyone else.

Our courtroom success distinguishes us from other attorneys often seen on television and billboards. Our experience with trials enables us to take cases to court if insurance companies and their adjusters don’t propose a fair settlement. Regrettably, insurance companies frequently refuse to offer just compensation to injured drivers. It’s no secret that insurance adjusters sometimes receive bonuses for settling claims below their full value. They have the incentive to delay, mislead, and exhaust injury victims into accepting a smaller settlement than they merit.

Our attorney team has years of experience negotiating with insurance adjusters and can recognize when an insurance company is undervaluing a claim. If an insurance company refuses to pay a fair amount, we take action. We consistently file cases throughout Georgia on behalf of injured drivers.

At Angell Law Firm, we aren’t daunted by large insurance corporations. We understand that juries are the great equalizer in our justice system. If an insurance company denies a fair settlement, we aren’t afraid to let a jury determine a fair award.

Nevertheless, our clients are seldom offered inadequate settlements. The reason lies in our track record of successful cases with Georgia juries, which often discourages insurance companies from underestimating our firm’s capabilities.

What Does Angell Law Firm Do to Help Car Accident Victims?

Our primary concern is aiding injury victims to reconstruct their accidents. We facilitate accident victims in obtaining the compensation they need for physical, financial, and emotional recovery from their injuries. We do everything within our power to support our clients throughout their recuperation process.

Physical recovery from severe injuries requires time and medical care. Some injuries demand ongoing treatment or repeated surgeries. Compensation ensures injury victims can afford the medical care necessary for healing. Car accident injuries can swiftly drain family savings. Paying hospital bills becomes challenging when injuries inhibit an accident victim from working. Compensation aids families in rebuilding their financial security by covering medical bills and supplementing lost income.

When injuries are debilitating, compensation helps victims cope with their disabilities. It covers home health aides, vocational rehabilitation, and the cost of remodeling a home to accommodate a wheelchair. Our lawyers strive relentlessly to ensure that the individuals we assist receive everything they need to rebuild.

We recognize the emotional trauma that serious injuries can inflict. An inability to resume normal activities can lead to depression, anguish, and stress. Some injured motorists may even experience posttraumatic stress. Compensation for pain and suffering can improve the quality of life for these individuals, fostering emotional healing.

In cases of fatal accidents, our wrongful death lawyers assist families in obtaining the compensation needed to restore their lives. We collaborate with spouses and other surviving family members to ensure they receive the compensation their lost loved one would wish for them.

What Car Accident Cases Does Angell Law Firm Handle?

Angell Law Firm commits to aiding severely injured clients who can greatly benefit from our experienced personal injury lawyers. We handle a limited number of cases, enabling us to give our clients the personalized attention they deserve.

For clients suffering from catastrophic injuries, like brain damage or severe life-altering conditions, we engage the best experts to elucidate the implications of such injuries and the necessary compensation to insurance companies and juries.

We also strive to make all of Georgia safer. Drunk drivers have no right to endanger others on the road. Our lawyers actively file cases against such drivers and pursue punitive damages, sending a clear message that drunk driving is utterly unacceptable.

You should never engage with an insurance adjuster without first seeking legal advice. Even a well-intentioned but misdirected answer to a complicated question can jeopardize your chances of obtaining full compensation for your injuries. Once you’ve attended to your emergency medical needs, you should consult a car accident lawyer at Angell Law Firm.

Please get in touch to find out how we can assist you and your family following an accident. We’re here to help guide you through this challenging time.

Johns Creek Car Accident FAQs

Negligent driving refers to careless or reckless behavior on the road that puts others at risk. Examples include failing to yield at intersections, running red lights, texting while driving, or veering into oncoming traffic lanes
Punitive damages are an additional form of compensation awarded by a jury in cases where a driver’s exceptionally dangerous behavior causes an accident. They are intended not just to compensate the victim, but also to punish the wrongdoer and deter similar behavior in the future.
Angell Law Firm handles a range of car accident cases, particularly those involving severe injuries. They take on a small number of cases to give each client the personalized attention they deserve. They have represented clients with catastrophic injuries such as brain damage and other life-altering conditions.
Angell Law Firm helps accident victims rebuild their lives by assisting them in obtaining compensation to recover physically, financially, and emotionally. This includes covering medical bills, supplementing lost income, aiding in dealing with disabilities, and supporting emotional well-being.
Angell Law Firm has extensive experience and a successful track record in handling car accident cases. They are not afraid to go to trial if insurance companies don’t propose a fair settlement. They dedicate ample time to each case, ensuring that they understand their clients’ situations and needs better than anyone else.

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