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Need an Attorney in Marietta, GA? The Angell Law Firm Has You Covered.

Being involved in an accident can be a stressful time, for both your health and your finances. This is especially true if the accident in question wasn’t your fault. If that’s the case, you may want to contact a lawyer about a free consultation on a personal injury claim.

Here at Angell Law, we have the best attorneys Marietta, Georgia has ever seen. We deal with car accident cases, motorcycle crashes, wrongful death cases, dog bites, and more on a daily basis. We know what you’re going through, and we know how to help you. If you need a lawyer, we offer a free consultation so you can get the advice you need.

Am I Entitled to a Claim?

Cobb County has seen a staggering increase in road traffic accidents over the last few years. The majority of these accidents take place in and around the city. If you’ve been involved in one of these car accidents and it wasn’t your fault,  get a free consultation.

As well as sustaining an injury, there are a few other criteria you need to meet for your lawyer to put in a claim:

  • The accident was the result of a negligent individual, group, or organization.
  • The liable party has the means to pay the compensation you’re entitled to. Typically an insurance company covers this.
  • The injury you sustained must have happened in the last two years.

If you’re in any way unsure about your case, give our Marietta Georgia attorneys a call at (770) 217-4954 . From there, we can schedule a free consultation. We have the best personal injury attorneys in Marietta, GA waiting to give you free legal advice t consultation.

What if the Accident Was Partly My Fault?

Even if you were only partly to blame for your injury, you may still have a case. In this scenario, through a free consultation, your Angell Law lawyer should be able to advise you on contributory negligence.

You’re entitled to less if this is the situation. The defendant’s insurance company is still going to be paying the bill. However, it may still be worth your while pursuing it. If you’re not sure if you’re entitled to personal injury or contributory negligence, get in touch. Contact an Angell Law lawyer for a free consultation. We’re happy to help.


The majority of Cobb County traffic accidents happen along Route 120. This is the route that runs right through the city. This is where the highest concentration of accidents occur. If you’ve been affected by this, look out for Marietta personal injury lawyers. Let us help by scheduling your free consultation.

Our attorneys here at The Angell Law Firm are award-winning for their work. We have handled all kinds of auto accident cases. Here are some questions people typically ask their lawyer through our free consultation service:

How does an auto attorney work?

When an injury lawyer takes on your car accident, their job is to help you recover some compensation. Compensation owed to you by the negligent party. Anyone that gets injured as the result of the crash has the right to file for a claim. The lawsuits can help you recover funds for any physical and mental damage, as well as financial. What constitutes this kind of damage can be vague, so feel free to contact us about a free consultation.

What injuries are common from car accidents?

The types of injuries that people sustain in a car crash can range drastically in severity. The fatality rates for car accidents in Cobb County are less than 0.02% percent of all vehicle accidents. However, life-changing injury can occur. Head and back injuries are most common. If you feel pain in either of those areas in the days following an accident. Seek medical attention immediately. Marietta Memorial is located on 401 Matthew St, which is easily accessible to most of the city, so don’t hesitate to go there.

How do I know if I’m entitled to compensation?

Your lawyer needs you to fit the three criteria we mentioned earlier. Somebody else must be responsible. They can afford to pay it. It happened in the last two years. If you fit those three, then you should be entitled to compensation. If you’re unsure, get in touch with one of our lawyers in Marietta, Georgia, for a free consultation.

Should I gather evidence?

Collecting evidence is a necessary step when you’re bringing a case to court. Your lawyer can’t do much without proof. You need to take photos of the vehicle after the crash and the surrounding area. You must also acquire a copy of the police report, witness statements, and photos of any injuries you sustained. If you’re unsure about what evidence to gather, contact us for a free consultation and we can help with that.
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What if My Personal Injury Claim Isn’t a Car Accident?

While motor accidents make up a large portion of personal injury claims, it’s not all of them. Our Marietta personal injury lawyers are on standby to give you legal advice regardless of how the injury occurred. For a free consultation with one of our attorneys, give us a call at (770) 217-4954

We’ve seen all sorts of cases in our many years of experience, so if you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer who has been around the block, we’ve got you covered. From slip and trips, to workplace accidents, to dog bites, we’ve seen it all. Don’t believe us? Call us for a free consultation and see for yourself.

Let Us Help You

If you need a Marietta personal injury attorney, let Angell Law help you out. We handle cases big and small from all over Marietta, Georgia, and our personal injury lawyer specialists are ready to provide you with a free consultation.

Call us now at (770) 217-4954 for a free consultation and let us help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Our team has been in the industry for years and is fully capable of helping you through this stressful time, so don’t hesitate to put your trust in us. Call for a free consultation, today.

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