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Reynoldstown Personal Injury Lawyers

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In an instant, you could be involved in a severe injury with life-changing impacts. An injury is an event that happens unexpectedly. It can place a lot of pressure on your emotional wellbeing and financial situation. Injuries can have different causes. However, if it is the direct result of someone else’s negligence, then you could claim for personal injury.

If you need the best personal injury lawyers in Reynoldstown, then Angell Law Firm is ready to represent you in any personal injury case. Call us at (770) 217-4954, and let’s schedule a free consultation to discuss your personal injury case.

Do I have a valid Personal Injury case?

A personal injury is classified as an injury that is a direct result of a third party’s negligence. Negligence can come in the form of a lack of maintenance. It may be more common than you realize.
Lack of maintenance and negligence can result in deteriorating buildings, sidewalks, and other structures or broken equipment. A car or truck accident or even medical substandard practices can also be considered for a personal injury case.

To be eligible for a personal injury claim, a third party must exist that can compensate you as the victim. The injury must be a direct result of the third party, where you are not legally responsible for the injury. It is also essential that the third party as the means of paying compensation. This is regardless of whether it is through insurance or other means.

The injury must also be severe and have a significant impact on your quality of life. Injuries may range from a broken leg to a shattered pelvis, all as a result of a third party. In a situation where a third party doesn’t exist, such as an injury caused by a natural event, a personal injury case can’t be pursued. This is because compensation can’t be paid.

If you need more information or wish to discuss a potential personal injury case, contact us! Feel free to give us a call and schedule a free consultation.

Hurt on the job? Schedule a free consultation with our personal injury lawyers at the Angell Law Firm in Reynoldstown, Ga.

Possible Causes of Personal Injury

A personal injury can take place while you are in town or on the premises of a business.

Accidents resulting from a deteriorating building or sidewalk while going to your favorite eatery can be a personal injury. Perhaps, it could be sustained from a broken table at the café where you drink your daily coffee. These are some instances where you can pursue a personal injury case.

Maintenance forms an integral part of all businesses, and lack thereof could result in an injury taking place at any given moment. If you are a victim of such an incident, call us at (770) 217-4954 and schedule a free appointment. Our team of award-winning lawyers is here to give honest advice and assist you with any possible personal injury case you may be involved in.

FAQs for you to consider

  • How much evidence do I need?

Each personal injury case is different. One case may need more evidence than the next. In the case of evidence, quality trumps quantity. High-quality evidence is always preferable. It only supports the case that much more.

  • What type of evidence do I need?

Evidence can refer to medical reports, bills, photos, or any paperwork you may have received as a direct result of the injury. The more paperwork you can supply, the more potential evidence can be identified.

A photo is a perfect example of evidence. Photos can capture the injury and the setting of the injury with accuracy and can form a strong base of support for your personal injury case.

  • Does a personal injury take long?

There is no specified time for a personal injury case. Some cases take afew weeks, and others take many years to finalize. Evidence, the seriousness of the injury, and the complexity are all factors that influence the time a case takes to process.

Regardless of time, you are entitled to compensation for an injury you’re not responsible for.

  • How much will I be paid?

Each personal injury case is unique, and the compensation for each case also differs. The more life-changing an injury is, the more compensation may be. However, this is no guarantee.

Serious injuries can be debilitating. It may have lasting effects on our lives. Compensation serves to lessen the financial impact of such injuries.

  • Can I be partly responsible for a personal injury case?

The victim can be partly responsible for an injury. However, negligence and lack of maintenance can still play a role in the injury. As a result, it can still be a direct cause of the injury,
Personal injuries can be a stressful event and can put a lot of pressure on the victim. During this time, the last thing you want to do is worry. Get in touch with Angell Law Firm by calling us. Schedule a free appointment where our team of attorneys can answer all the questions you may have.

Schedule a free consultation with our personal injury lawyers at the Angell Law Firm in Reynoldstown, Ga.

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Why settle with second best when you can have our team of award-winning lawyers by your side? At Angell Law Firm, we fight for the compensation that is rightfully yours. We are ready to represent and fight for you in any personal injury case that you may be involved in. 

Call us at (770) 217-4954 and schedule a free consultation with the best personal injury lawyers in Reynoldstown. We can start taking the necessary steps in your personal injury case.

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