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What Victims Should Do After a Dog Bite in Georgia

What Victims Should Do After a Dog Bite in Georgia

Experiencing a dog bite can be traumatic and distressing, leaving victims with physical injuries and emotional scars. If you or a loved one have been bitten by a dog in Georgia, it is essential to understand your rights and the steps you can take to seek justice and compensation. At Angell Law Firm, we are dedicated to helping victims of dog bites navigate the legal process and ensure they receive the support they deserve. This blog will provide a comprehensive guide on what to do after a dog bite in Georgia, empowering you with the knowledge to protect your rights.

Understanding Dog Bite Laws in Georgia

Georgia has specific laws in place to address dog bites and protect victims. Under Georgia’s dog bite statute, dog owners can be held liable for injuries caused by their dogs if the victim can establish certain elements. These elements include proving that the dog was vicious or dangerous, the owner was negligent in handling the dog, and the victim was lawfully present when the bite occurred. It is crucial to consult with a personal injury attorney experienced in dog bite cases to navigate the legal nuances and build a strong case.

Seeking Immediate Medical Attention

After a dog bite, your health and safety should be the top priority. Seeking immediate medical attention is crucial, even if the wound may appear minor. Dog bites can lead to various injuries, including deep tissue damage, infections, nerve damage, and scarring. A medical professional will assess your injuries, provide necessary treatment, and document the incident, which can serve as vital evidence for your case.

Reporting the Incident

Once you have received medical care, reporting the dog bite incident is essential. Contact your local animal control or law enforcement agency to file a report. Providing details about the dog, its owner (if known), and the circumstances of the attack will create an official record of the incident. This documentation can be helpful when pursuing a legal claim and holding the responsible parties accountable.

Gathering Evidence

Building a strong case requires gathering evidence to support your claim. Document as much information as possible about the dog bite incident. This includes taking photographs of your injuries, the location where the bite occurred, and any visible signs of negligence, such as broken fences or lack of proper containment. Collect contact information from any witnesses who saw the attack and are willing to provide statements. Additionally, preserve any relevant medical records, bills, and receipts related to your treatment and expenses.

Determining Liability

When establishing liability in a dog bite case, it is crucial to identify the parties responsible for the incident. In Georgia, dog owners are generally held accountable for their pets’ actions. However, there may be other liable parties, such as property owners or individuals entrusted with the dog’s care. An experienced personal injury attorney will thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident to determine all potentially responsible parties and build a strong case against them.

Proving Negligence and Damages

To seek compensation for your injuries and losses, it is necessary to demonstrate negligence by the dog owner or other responsible parties. This involves showing that the owner breached their duty of care by allowing their dog to bite, and as a result, you suffered harm. Proving negligence typically requires evidence such as witness testimonies, medical records, expert opinions, and any documentation showing the owner’s failure to take reasonable precautions.

In addition to physical injuries, dog bites can have lasting emotional and psychological effects. It is crucial to document the impact of the incident on your mental well-being, including anxiety, fear, and trauma. Seeking therapy or counseling services can help address these emotional aspects and strengthen your case by providing professional evaluations and reports.

Contract, signature and attorney consulting a client in his office with legal paperwork or agreemen Consulting with a Personal Injury Attorney

Navigating the legal process for a dog bite case can be complex and challenging. Consulting with a skilled personal injury attorney specializing in dog bite cases is highly recommended. An attorney with experience in this area will assess the details of your case, provide guidance on your legal rights, and help determine the appropriate course of action. They will handle all communication with insurance companies, negotiate on your behalf, and, if necessary, represent you in court.

Seeking Compensation

Victims of dog bites in Georgia may be entitled to various forms of compensation. These can include:

Medical Expenses

Compensation for all medical costs associated with treating the dog bite, including emergency care, surgeries, medication, and ongoing rehabilitation.

Pain and Suffering

Damages awarded for physical pain, emotional distress, and the incident’s overall impact on your quality of life.

Lost Wages

If the injuries from the dog bite result in missed workdays or long-term impairment affecting your ability to earn a living, you may be eligible for compensation for lost wages and future earning capacity.

Scarring and Disfigurement

Compensation for any permanent scarring, disfigurement, or loss of bodily function resulting from the dog bite.

Property Damage

In cases where personal belongings, such as clothing or personal items, are damaged during the attack, you may seek compensation for the cost of repair or replacement.

Punitive Damages

In rare cases where the dog owner’s conduct was particularly reckless or intentional, punitive damages may be awarded to punish the responsible party and deter similar behavior in the future.


Experiencing a dog bite can be a distressing and life-altering event. If you or a loved one have been a victim of a dog bite in Georgia, it is crucial to take immediate action to protect your rights. Seeking medical attention, reporting the incident, gathering evidence, and consulting with a personal injury attorney are vital steps toward seeking justice and compensation. At Angell Law Firm, we are committed to assisting dog bite victims and ensuring they receive the support they need. Contact us today for a compassionate and thorough evaluation of your case. Let us help you on the path to recovery and hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions.

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