Bus Accidents

What Are the Most Common Types of Bus Accidents?

School Bus Dangers

In the United States, there are about 450,000 school buses transporting 23.5 million elementary, middle, and high school students every single day, according to our Toccoa car accident attorneys. Often school buses do not have seat belts for the children, which creates a very dangerous situation. Due to the sheer volume of school buses, accidents are bound to happen each day. While most of the accidents are minor in nature, some accidents are very serious and unfortunately some are even deadly. Our Atlanta car accident lawyers can help victims bring a claim for their injuries.

Bus Statistics

  • There are approximately 360 million bus passengers every single year
  • These passengers account for about 28 billion combined passenger miles
  • There are a little over 30,000 buses for tours, charters, special operations, and other regular route services in the United States
  • There are approximately 4,000 motorcoach companies in the United States
  • Motorcoach companies had an average fatality rate of 4.3 passenger deaths per year between 1987 and 1996.
  • 11 children die each year from school bus-related accidents

Types of Bus Accidents

Passenger Van Accidents

Many small organizations such as schools, churches, and local charities use 15 passenger vans to transport people, goods, and other things. Due to a large number of people in the van, the heavyweight in a fully loaded van raises the center of gravity, increasing the chances for a rollover.

Many insurance companies have dropped coverage on 15 passenger vans. The Department of Transportation issued an urgent warning against the use of these vans started that they had a much higher likelihood of rolling over. They also urged drivers of these vans to take extra precautions when driving these vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration further pressed the issue by reminding drivers that the risk of a rollover is dramatically increased if there are ten or more people in the van.

The auto industry still manufactures these vans despite all the warnings from the U.S. government. If you have been injured by one of these vans and live in the Atlanta area, contact a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta to discuss possible legal actions against the manufacturer. You should never have to pay for medical expenses or anything else if you have been injured in a 15 passenger van crash. It is the manufacturers’ fault and they should pay for building such dangerous vehicles.

MARTA Bus Accidents

While public buses may still have a bad reputation, they are slowly increasing in popularity each year. They are a cheaper and efficient alternative to walking or riding in a taxi.

If you have ridden on a public bus, you know that they do not have seat belts or other safety features. This can make them incredibly dangerous especially in hazardous weather. If you watch the news, you have probably seen the incredible destruction public bus accidents can cause and the seriousness of them. They can cause serious and life-threatening injuries or even worse can be fatal.

To make matters worse, MARTA is controlled by a government entity. This can make claims extremely difficult to figure out and understand. Make sure you find a MARTA accident lawyer that understands and has experience with bus accidents so that you can properly establish what you need to do to receive compensation.

School Bus Accidents

As already stated, millions of children are transported on yellow buses every single year. Sadly 12,000 children are injured each year in school bus accidents. While most of these injuries are minor in nature, some are life-altering or even fatal to some children.

If you or your child has been injured in a school bus accident, a bus accident lawyer in the Atlanta area may be able to file a claim against the driver or owner of the bus to receive compensation. You can receive monetary damages for your pain and suffering as well as any lost wages you may have had.

Shuttle Bus Accidents

Hotels, airports, or other large establishments use shuttle buses to transport large numbers of people normally. While these shuttle buses are extremely convenient and make traveling easier, they do come with their risks.

Due to the size and shape of a shuttle bus, they are much more likely to be involved in an accident, than other types of buses. The awkward shape of the shuttle bus as well as frequent stopping often create blind spots on the road and thus lead to accidents.

If you are involved in any time of bus accident, contact a car accident lawyer to file a claim against the person responsible for your injuries. You should not have to pay for your injuries if they were not your fault. If you live in Georgia, contact one of our Atlanta Bus Accident Attorneys that will fight to make sure you are protected and that you get what you are owed from those responsible for your injuries.

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