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Can Dash Cams Help You Avoid Car Accident Liability?

Can Dash Cams Help You

There has been a lot of speculation in the news recently about whether or not dashboard cameras are a helpful tool when trying to avoid liability. Below, a top Atlanta car accident attorney discusses his thoughts on this issue.

A dashcam is simply a camera that sits in your vehicle and continually records the view out your windshield.

The idea is that this video may be used as evidence in the event that you are involved in a car accident or some type of altercation.

Police officers often have dash cams installed in their vehicles so that when they pull someone over or give chase to a fleeing criminal, there is video evidence of the incident.

Law enforcement dash cams have recently been a hot topic of debate in the media as squad car cameras have captured several shootings over the past few months.

Obviously, these videos are important pieces of evidence and are heavily scrutinized during the investigations and trials that follow, but you may be surprised to learn that video evidence is not as indisputable as you might expect.

Dash Cam Videos as Evidence

Whether a dashcam video is being used as evidence in a police shooting or to prove liability after a car accident, it is important to realize that video footage acts as just one piece of evidence in a case and does not provide the final word regarding legal liability.

While video evidence can be powerful, it can also be misleading.

For example, the quality of the video may be poor, the camera angle may leave something important out of the picture, or the video may not contain a key audio file.

As footage captured by dash cams can be both very helpful and misleading the court will weigh video evidence along with other evidence presented when determining liability after a car accident.

Should I Install a Dash Cam?

At the end of the day, is it worth shelling out the $100 to $200 that it will likely cost you to install a dashboard camera?

A recent article from The Georgia Straight discusses the pros and cons of installing dash cams in your private vehicle in order to avoid car accident liability and ultimately points out that having a dash cam may not necessarily be an ace up your sleeve.

The article notes that installing a dashcam may help you avoid getting blamed for an accident that you did not cause and that if this is the case, the money you spent on the camera will likely have been well worth it.

However, the article’s author also warns that if you are at fault for causing a car crash, your dashcam may act as evidence against you and sink your case.

If you have video evidence of a car accident that is the subject of litigation, you will be required to turn over that tape, even if it functions as evidence for the opposition.

As a word of warning, failing to turn over evidence when you are required to do so can land you in a world of legal trouble, so do not think that you will be able to simply hide unfavorable video footage.

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