Car Accident On Private Property

What If I Am In A Car Accident On Private Property?

Most people often ask, “What is considered private property?” Anywhere away from a public road or a government building can be defined as private. These spaces aren’t immune to auto accidents – and the injured party deserves compensation for injuries resulting from the negligent party’s actions.

Depending on the situation, the police may or may not come to the scene. But what is essential is that you document everything, take photos, and get checked for injuries. Once you have gathered all the evidence, contact an Atlanta car accident injury lawyer to help you claim compensation.

Insurance companies may want to offer compensation that’s not equivalent to the economic and non-economic damages you’ve suffered. But with the right legal guidance, you will not be short-changed in your claim.

Must the Police Come to an Accident Scene on Private Property

You don’t always have to call the police when a car accident happens on private property. But the police have to come and write a report if the collision resulted in damage to government-owned property or someone got injured or died in a private property accident.
Car Accident On Private Property
It is easy for insurance companies to deny a claim if there’s no police report. But having one can be instrumental in demanding full compensation for your injury.

What if the Offender Sped Off?

It can be frustrating if someone hits you off the road and fails to stop. Questions like, “how will I get compensation for my injuries?” can worry anyone. But if you can capture essential details like the color, model, and make of the car and the driver’s appearance, it won’t be so hard for the police to find the offender.

It’s even better when there is a security camera in the private premises that can give the police more pieces of evidence. The police report can help your attorney file for personal injury damages from the insurance company.

Should I Check for Injuries?

No matter how minor you think your injury is, it is best to immediately seek medical attention to prevent the issue from worsening later. Besides, the medical report is among the most critical pieces of evidence that an attorney will need to seek compensation for you.

Also, note that not all injuries are visible and noticeable by just looking. For that reason, everyone on the vehicle or motorcycle needs to get checked immediately or within a day of the accident.
Sometimes specific types of accidents have typical injuries. Read our blog post, “Common Injuries From a Rear-End Collision.” 

Should I Call My Insurance First?

Before calling your insurance, get in touch with a skilled car accident attorney to represent you. The insurance company may want you to accept an unreasonably low compensation, but a personal injury lawyer can make sure that what you get is what you truly deserve.
car accident attorney
It is better to make these phone calls as soon as possible when your memory of the events is still fresh.

Should I Inform the Property Owner?&

Whether the property owner is responsible for the accident or not, it is necessary to inform them about it. They might provide additional information that might help establish fault efficiently. For instance, on-site security cameras or their statements (if they witnessed the incident) are a plus for the personal injury suits.

How Critical Is the Security Camera Footage?

Sometimes, the offending driver can dispute their alleged fault in the accident, and the security footage may be vital in such a situation. Remember that the footage is private property and the owner doesn’t have to give it to you. But the personal injury lawyer can subpoena (demand) for it for litigation purposes.

Information Should I Document?

Each piece of evidence matters when suing for full compensation. Make sure that you collect data such as;

  • Security cameras (if present)
  • Contact information of witnesses on site of the accident
  • Contact information of everyone else involved
  • Photos
  • Location, weather, date, and time.
  • Vehicle registration of cars involved
  • Drivers’ license details of the drivers of the vehicles
  • Insurance information

Why Are Photos So Important?

Keeping accurate information can help your attorney handle and support your PI claim and formulate a defense that can warrant full compensation. Photos are specifically important because they help to;

  • Establish who is responsible for the accident
  • Record injuries
  • Indicate the main cause of the accident
  • Highlight other aspects that may have contributed to the accident

Who Can Be Liable in a Private Property Accident?

The Property Owner

If a property was a contributing factor in the accident, the owner might be partially liable for the damages. For instance, if you got injured in an accident resulting from faded direction signage or poor construction, the owner’s insurance may have to pay part of the costs.
Private Property Accident
There is just some amount of liability that comes with merely being a property owner. Should an uninsured motorist hit someone while shopping in a building, the building owner’s insurance may have to compensate them.

One Driver

If one driver is found to be entirely at fault, they will have to pay for all the damages. For instance, the driver tailgating before hitting the vehicle in front is fully liable.

Both Drivers

Sometimes, both drivers may be at fault in the accident. The state laws determine what each insurance will pay.

Consult With a Professional for Legal Guidance

An accident on private property can be confusing and overwhelming, mainly because the police don’t always come. Insurance, on the other hand, can give you less than you deserve. That’s why you need a legal professional to defend your rights.
legal professional
Nobody understands your interests better than a personal injury lawyer. If you are injured in an accident, there is no need to panic and wonder where to turn. Call a personal injury lawyer near me, and he or she will give you all the legal guidance you need.
The Angell Law Firm takes accidents very seriously. We charge no fees unless you win, and we make hospital/home visits. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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