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The Dangers of Do It Yourself Car Accident Claims

Dangers of Do It Yourself

Reported motor vehicle accidents resulting in death have increased for the second year in a row.

Currently, the number of fatalities caused by motor vehicle accidents in Georgia is more than twice the national average.

Distracted driving, speeding, and alcohol have all been linked to this increase and currently, the statistics show no indication that the numbers will decrease.

Even though thousands of motor vehicle accidents take place each year most people are ill-prepared when they find themselves involved in a fender bender.

After an accident occurs many people are tempted to handle insurance claims without legal assistance, and while it is possible to settle a claim without help there are dangers associated with do-it-yourself accident claims negotiations. For this reason, it’s best to contact a Greenville car accident lawyer.

Friendly Claims Adjusters

It is not unusual for claims adjusters to present themselves as caring and concerned individuals who are eager to help you move forward with the claim.

In reality, the claims adjusters are the employees of a company that expects them to spend as little money to settle a claim as possible.

They want to protect their company and ultimately want to look out for the other driver who pays their company for coverage.

Often people handling their own insurance claims are lulled into a false sense of comradery that is used to get them to make statements that ultimately hurt their claim.

Rushed Negotiations

Immediately following an accident and the filing of a claim the other driver’s insurance company may offer you a settlement amount in return for you signing a release.

The release prevents you from asking for additional money in the future regardless of the additional treatment needed.

Insurance companies try to rush individuals into settling claims while they are still receiving medical treatment to avoid paying for future medical bills associated with injuries that do not show up until weeks after an accident or require months of expensive treatment.

Unreasonable Claim Denials

After receiving a statement, talking to their insured, and discussing the claim with you an insurance company may simply deny the claim.

Even if you have not admitted fault, have present evidence that indicates their insured was at fault and set a clear-cut demand for payment the insurance company may still refuse to approve your claim.

Claims adjusters hope that an individual filing a claim without an attorney will not know how to pursue a claim after a denial.

Even if you insist that your claim is valid the insurance company may respond by offering a small settlement amount that requires a release to be signed since people struggling with medical bills may agree to whatever is offered rather than risk another denial.

When to Contact an Attorney

When you or someone you know feels as if no progress is being made with a claims adjuster it is time to contact a qualified personal injury attorney.

A car accident attorney who has successfully settled accident and personal injury claims are aware of every trick the insurance company will try to use.

Using an attorney increases your chances of successfully settling your claim while alleviating some of the stress associated with insurance company negotiations.

The car accident attorneys at the Angell Law Firm, LLC is able to provide you with the advice and assistance you need to resolve your personal injury claim.

Currently serving Chatham County including Savannah; Clarke County including Athens; Cobb County including Marietta; DeKalb County including Decatur and Stone Mountain; Fulton County including Atlanta, College Park, and Roswell; Gwinnett County including Buford, Lawrenceville, and Norcross; and Oconee County including Watkinsville Angell Law Firm can provide you with the advice you need.

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