Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving: How Prevalent is the Problem?

Your dog is jumping from window to window, not to mention in your lap.

You are applying lipstick, lip liner, and mascara.

Your phone is ringing continuously.

You want to hear a different song, where is that auxiliary chord?

Your hands need lotion, look at those nails.

All of the above are common activities that take place while one is in the operation of a motor vehicle!

On your commute to work, our Greenville motorcycle accident attorneys recommend that you quickly glance around at the people driving around you, what are they doing?

The majority of them are looking elsewhere but for some mysterious reason the traffic moves along In 2013, 3,154 individuals were killed in distracted driving crashes.

The CDC or Center for Disease Control defines distracted driving as driving while doing another activity that takes your attention away from driving.

Driving while distracted can be equated to driving while under the influence.

Your reaction time is possibly diminished, your focus is not on the road, and keep in mind that a collision can take place within seconds.

Distractions are created, whether they be large or small, they can be deadly.

Much importance isn’t placed on the age of the individual, due to the wide usage of cellular phones and GPS devices.

It makes you wonder, how did people find their way around before that phenomenon.

Easy answer, they would pull over and reference a map, brilliant right?

With the sophistication of technology, getting around has not only become easier, but more dangerous.

However, The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reports that 10% of drivers, all under the age of 20, have been involved in fatal crashes where distracted driving has been the direct cause.

It has been a proven fact that those more experienced with driving are least likely to distract themselves and are usually more cautious when driving.

One may argue that this is because of the fact that older and experienced drivers are not used to the luxury of driving and talking on the phone.

As the saying goes, “You can miss what you never had!”

It is very difficult to police individuals who negligently use their phones while operating a motor vehicle.

With all of the other crimes that take place, these violations are often overlooked.

Although no handheld cell phone laws have been implemented for Georgia motorists, those younger than 18 are prohibited from all cell phone use while driving.

Additionally, Georgia prohibits all motorists from texting while driving.

Violation of this law will result in a fine of $150.00 and one point against your Driver’s License.

Please know that under these laws, officers have the ability to pull you over and simply issue a citation just because they observe you engaging in the act (texting and driving).

Thus, you do not have to be caught speeding, running a stop sign, or failing to signal.

It is important that when you are behind the wheel, driving is your primary focus.

It would be a tragedy to lose your life over a mere “lol” or your need to hear a different song.

If you find yourself in need of representation, please do not hesitate to contact a personal injury attorney in Atlanta at Angell Law Firm!

We are experienced in the area of traffic law and our firm is comprised of motorcycle accident attorneys who will look out for your best interest.

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