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Don’t Sign Anything in a Car Accident Case Until You Read This

Our Greenville truck accident attorneys know that car accidents are traumatic, costly events.

That’s why, if you have been approached by a third party with an offered settlement after an accident, it can be tempting to sign on the spot and put the whole incident behind you.

In doing so, however, you may be leaving money on the table and failing to protect your interests.

Before you agree to anything after a car accident, remember these key tips.

Insurance Companies Do Not Have Your Best Interests in Mind

Insurance companies have one objective in a car accident case: keeping their own obligations to pay you to a minimum.

In the attempt to minimize the medical costs and other damages they are obligated to pay, these companies will often attempt to entice car accident victims with early settlement offers.

They are hoping for you to accept these lump-sum payments in exchange for giving up their responsibility to pay you for future damages.

Don’t allow these manipulation tactics to keep you from obtaining your due compensation.

Politely decline to accept any immediate terms offered until you have spoken to an experienced attorney.

Your truck accident lawyer can evaluate your case and determine if the offer in question is in your best interests.

Medical Bills Can Grow Over Time

Before agreeing to a settlement offer, it is important to make sure that you will be covered for all current and future medical expenses.

In many cases, injuries from a car accident can cause medical problems weeks, months, and even years after an incident.

You do not want to accept any settlement offers that do not account for this possibility.

Additionally, it is important to have a full understanding of what types of medical expenses you can claim after an accident.

These can include:

  • Therapy for brain injuries;
  • Ambulance fees;
  • Lost pay and earning potential; and
  • Special in-home services.

A skilled personal injury attorney that serves Atlanta will help you calculate the costs of not only medical expenses but all expenses stemming from your car accident injuries.

This can sometimes involve obtaining expert testimony from doctors, psychologists, accountants, and other professionals.

This data, in turn, can strengthen your hand in settlement negotiations.

Due Diligence Can Be Balanced with Timely Payments

Many car accident victims are overwhelmed by their immediate need to obtain compensation for damages.

While you may need money now to pay for the costs of your accident, do not allow your immediate needs to circumvent your right to fair compensation for your injuries.

By working with an experienced lawyer, you can obtain timely payments while still obtaining the compensation you need to cover your current and future expenses.

Need Help? Contact a Dedicated Atlanta Car Accident Attorney

Do not allow insurance companies and other third parties to take advantage of you after a car accident.

Contact the experienced truck accident attorneys at the Angell Law Firm today.

From our Atlanta offices, we provide dedicated representation to car accident victims throughout the region.

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