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How Expert Witnesses Can Help Your Wrongful Death Case

Expert Witnesses Can Help Your Wrongful Death Case

If you believe that a death in your immediate family was caused by the negligence of another party, you are within your rights to file a wrongful death lawsuit against an individual or business that you deem is liable for that tragic event. Much like personal injury cases, a wrongful death lawsuit places the burden of proof on the accuser or the plaintiff in this case. Therefore, it’s your responsibility–with the help of a Greenville wrongful death attorney–to prove that the accused is indeed liable for the death of your loved one.

In order to further prove your case, your attorney may employ the assistance of an expert witness in order to give you a sizable advantage in your case. The job of an expert witness is to ultimately prove that the defendant’s negligent acts resulted in the death of your loved one. In this article, you will learn more about how an expert witness can benefit your wrongful death case.

Expert Witnesses Are Professionals In Their Niche

Generally, your attorney will select an expert witness that is proficient in expertise that directly relates to your case.

For example, let’s say that a man named Harry Harold applies for an Atlanta permit to hold a peaceful demonstration in a city park and is promptly approved to conduct the protest. However, the city knew where this protest was going to be held and turned off the power in the park to host a concert downtown.

Meanwhile, there is no power in the park, and Harry injures himself in the darkness, ultimately passing away. Later, Harry’s family sues the city of Atlanta for their negligent actions that led to his death. In this case, the attorney calls upon a safety engineer to act as the expert witness. Of course, the expert witness can testify and give his or her expert opinion that the city should have supplied power to the park.

The safety engineer is an expert that can prove that the city operated outside of its safety regulations, helping you and your family’s case.

Expert Witnesses Provide Another Perspective

In the broadest sense, wrongful death can be summed up as the presentation of your story versus the defendants. In order to effectively eliminate the question of who is responsible, you can call upon an expert witness to give the court their professional perspective.

Although the defendant may do their best to undermine your witness, or bring their own as a counterattack, your expert witness can use facts and give a reasonable testimony that can benefit your case. Since the plaintiff has the burden of proof in a wrongful death case, employing an expert witness can make the difference of proving your story with vital facts and references that can be difficult to dispute in court.

A wrongful death case can be your opportunity to collect damages for the negligent acts of another party. Therefore, by hiring a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta who works with expert witnesses, you can call upon a professional to effectively argue your case in court.

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