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How to Calculate Pain and Suffering Compensation After A Car Accident

Pain and Suffering Compensation

If you have been involved in a car accident, it can be easy to focus on immediate costs.

Medical bills are piling up, as are the physical damages to your vehicle and property.

You rightfully want these expenses to be covered as soon as possible.

Underneath these surface-level costs, however, is the emotional and physical cost of the pain and suffering you have incurred.

You deserve compensation for these costs as well, and knowing how to prove them in the context of a personal injury claim can help.

Here are a few ways an Atlanta car accident attorney can help you prove and calculate the real costs of your pain and suffering.

Obtaining Medical Records

Nobody but you can truly understand the pain and suffering you have experienced, but a Greenville motorcycle accident attorney can help.

Without this ability, insurance companies and attorneys must look to external evidence in an attempt to substantiate your claims.

In the process of proving or disproving pain and suffering, insurance companies and legal professionals will look to the following factors:

  • Medical records and bills;
  • Physical evidence of your injuries;
  • Photographs from the accident scene or of your injuries; and
  • Relevant testimony from witnesses and medical professionals.

Due to the high importance of medical records, it is vital to seek medical attention for any pain symptoms you are experiencing.

By visiting a medical professional, you create an opportunity for a third party to evaluate your symptoms.

This record can act as a piece of evidence supporting your claim at a later date.

Arriving Upon a Value

Unfortunately, there is no formula for quantifying the value of pain and suffering damages.

Historical precedent in similar cases can play a role, as can the strength of evidence substantiating your claim.

Your personal injury attorney in Atlanta will play a central role in quantifying the severity of your pain and setting the best possible monetary value as compensation.

It is simpler to prove pain and suffering for some injuries over others.

For incidents involving broken bones or surgery, for instance, the level of pain involved may be well understood by the general population.

In these cases, the level of compensation can rely heavily on previous cases.

Other pain and suffering can be more difficult to substantiate, however.

Proving psychological pain, for instance, can require the expert opinion of a psychiatric professional.

Other emotional pain, such as the hardship surrounding the inability to work or adverse impacts upon a relationship, may also present difficulties in arriving upon a value.

Get the Help You Need from an Atlanta Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents can be physically and emotionally traumatic to all involved.

If you have experienced pain and suffering as a result of a car accident, you need the assistance of a dedicated motorcycle accident attorney.

At The Angell Law Firm, we protect the rights of car accident victims in Atlanta and throughout the surrounding area of Georgia.

To discuss your case in a free consultation with an experienced attorney, contact us today.

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