Post Accident Medical Care

The Importance of Receiving Post Accident Follow-Up Medical Care

Immediately following an accident most injured parties seek emergency medical care at the advice of an Atlanta dog bite attorney.

Unfortunately, it is not unusual for an injured person to avoid scheduling follow-up treatment.

Either a person without medical insurance is concerned about accumulating additional medical bills, or they are afraid to miss work.

Regardless of the reason, not getting treatment in the days or weeks following an accident can negatively affect your case.

The importance of receiving post-accident follow-up medical care cannot be stressed enough.

Following Medical Advice

Instructions regarding follow-up medical care are usually provided at the end of an emergency room visit.

The attending physician or the nurse responsible for your care will explain what type of specialist should be seen or provide instructions for seeing a primary care physician.

These instructions are also included on any discharge notes and become part of your medical record.

Failing to follow the medical advice you receive can severely damage your case.

An insurance claim adjuster may view your refusal to attend post-accident appointments as proof that your injuries have improved and no longer require medical care.

Though that may not be the truth, without the feedback you would normally receive during a follow-up appointment proving otherwise is difficult.

Identifies Overlooked Injuries

Treatment plans and follow-up care are encouraged because it is possible for injuries to be overlooked immediately following an accident.

Excess adrenaline, stress, and concern for other family members may cause you to overlook or ignore your own serious symptoms.

Swelling, bruising, or an inability to perform certain medical examinations can lead to smaller fractures, tears, and other injuries to go undiagnosed.

In the days or months following your accident your pain levels, symptoms, and other issues allow your physician to correctly diagnosis your medical problems and provide the treatment that you need.

Negatively Affects Medical Improvement

The purpose of all medical treatment is to provide patients with the maximum amount of medical improvement possible.

Proper diagnosis and treatment is designed to return your body as close to pre-accident health as physically possible.

Delaying medical treatment in the form of therapy, specialist visits, and other care wastes valuable time and impacts your ability to make a full recovery.

No single emergency room visit can treat a patient for all injuries following an accident, and each missed appointment lengthens the treatment process while risking the loss of improvement that has already occurred.

When to Contact an Attorney

There are times when your desire to receive follow-up care is hindered by personal and financial obligations.

During these times it is important to contact a dog bite attorney who is able to provide you with the advice you need to salvage your case and ensure your physical well-being.

A qualified personal injury attorney at The Angell Law Firm, LLC can provide you with the assistance that you need during this difficult time.

Our dog bite lawyers are currently serving Chatham County including Savannah; Clarke County including Athens; Cobb County including Marietta; DeKalb County including Decatur and Stone Mountain; Fulton County including Atlanta, College Park, and Roswell; Gwinnett County including Buford, Lawrenceville, and Norcross; and Oconee County including Watkinsville. Angell Law Firm can provide you with the advice you need.
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