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Who Is Liable For Uber Accidents In Atlanta?

If you are injured in a vehicle collision here in Georgia because another motorist was careless, intoxicated, negligent, or distracted, it’s imperative to seek legal help immediately from an experienced Atlanta car accident attorney.

Your accident attorney will help you submit an injury claim against the at-fault motorist’s automobile insurance company, and that company should reimburse you for your medical costs and lost wages.

The majority of personal injuries in Georgia traffic crashes are compensated routinely and straightforwardly, and no one has to appear in a courtroom. In most cases, your attorney will meet the other side’s attorney privately and negotiate a settlement that is acceptable to all parties.

What Can Happen If A Traffic Collision Involves Uber?

If you’re injured in a collision while you are a passenger with Uber, or if the other vehicle in a collision is an Uber vehicle, your case can get legally complicated quite quickly. Uber Accidents
If you are injured in an accident with an Uber vehicle – or while you are an Uber passenger – take your case at once to a personal injury attorney. You are very much going to need a good injury lawyer’s advice and representation.

Uber was founded in 2009, launching the global rideshare industry. In 2016, Uber reported gross revenue of $20 billion. More than 160,000 drivers are active with Uber.

What Questions Arise When A Traffic Accident Involves Uber?

Many consumers in Georgia now use Uber – and some people use it exclusively – so it’s good to know what protections are provided to Uber passengers and those who are injured in accidents with Uber vehicles.

When any accident that involves an Uber vehicle happens, these questions arise:

1. What coverage applied to the Uber vehicle when the accident happened?

2. Was the driver working and on duty for Uber at the time of the accident?

How Does Insurance Coverage Work For An Uber Vehicle?

The insurance coverage for an Uber vehicle hinges on the status of that vehicle at the time of the accident:

1. While carrying a passenger or en route to a passenger, an Uber vehicle carries $1 million in commercial liability coverage and another $1 million in uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

2. If an Uber vehicle has no passenger but the driver is on-duty and waiting to be dispatched to a passenger, the Uber vehicle’s coverage is $50,000 for bodily injury; $100,000 for bodily injury to multiple persons in one accident; and $30,000 for property damage.

3. Because Uber drivers use their own vehicles, if an Uber driver is not on duty when an accident occurs, that driver’s own automobile insurance policy provides the only coverage.

After An Uber Accident, When Should You Contact An Attorney?

Uber is a huge global business. Like every business, it wants to protect profits, so Uber is likely to dispute personal injury claims made against the company and its drivers. This can make recovering compensation quite a challenge if you are injured by a negligent Uber driver.

You’ll clearly need a good personal injury attorney’s help from the very beginning. Have your injuries examined and treated by a doctor or by another professional healthcare provider, and then contact a good Atlanta personal injury lawyer at once.

Even if Uber’s insurance “covers” you, the insurance company offering that coverage is like any other auto insurance operation. The company is likely to make a first settlement offer that’s far below the actual value of your personal injury claim. It’s an offer that you will need to reject.
Traffic Collisions
If you accept the first settlement offer, you will also be waiving your right to take any additional legal action or to seek any additional compensation.

Why Is Retaining An Attorney Quickly So Important?

If you’re injured in an accident with an Uber vehicle – or as a passenger – retain a personal injury lawyer at once so that he or she may handle all of the negotiations with the insurance company on your behalf. When the company contacts you, refer the company to your attorney.

An injury lawyer is a trained and experienced negotiator who routinely handles negotiations for the injured victims of negligence. Your lawyer will know what it takes to acquire the compensation you need.
Contact A Lawyer
Most personal injury cases in Georgia are settled out of court when the attorneys for both sides meet in private negotiations.

t’s rare when a personal injury case arising from a traffic collision goes to trial, but a trial is more likely when a commercial vehicle – and a company concerned with profits – is involved.

After An Uber Crash, What Should You Do At The Accident Scene?

If you’re injured in any collision involving an Uber vehicle, call for medical assistance at once, and then call the police. Gather as many details as you can from the driver or drivers involved – personal contact details and insurance company contact details.

Take as many photos as you can of the accident site, the damages to the vehicles, and your own injuries. If eyewitnesses saw the crash, try to get their personal contact information too.

After a severe traffic injury, take action immediately. Georgia’s statute of limitations in personal injury cases arising from traffic accidents is two years from the date of the injury.
Liability For An Accident
But you cannot wait two years to speak with a personal injury lawyer about your rights and options. Evidence can deteriorate, and the memories of witnesses can fade quickly. You’ll need to reach out for legal help right away.

What Will Justice Cost?

If you’re injured by a negligent Uber driver or by any negligent driver, it costs nothing to learn more about your rights. Injured victims of negligence may arrange a free first legal consultation with an accident attorney– with no obligation – to learn how the law applies to your own case.

If you and your attorney choose to move forward with legal action, you’ll pay no attorney’s fee until – and unless – your attorney recovers the compensation you need and deserve.

As mentioned previously, most personal injury matters in Georgia are settled outside of the courtroom, but if no agreement can be reached privately, your injury attorney will take your case to trial and ask a jury to award you the compensation that is rightfully yours.

If you are injured in an accident involving an Uber vehicle, do not let the name or size of the company intimidate you. If you are a victim of negligence in the state of Georgia, the law is on your side, and a good lawyer’s help is your right.

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