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The Tables Turned: Doctor Sues His Former Patient, Lawyers

Tables Turned Doctor Sues Patient

In most cases involving a doctor, patient, lawyer, and a lawsuit, it is the patient suing the doctor over medical malpractice, or a related claim.

But in a recently filed lawsuit, the tables have turned, and reports indicate that a doctor is suing his former patient and his attorneys.

The underlying claim is that the doctor was not paid in full after the work he put in to prove the patient’s personal injury case following a car accident.

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This case goes back to earlier this year when the accident victim (now the defendant) was awarded a large verdict for the damages he suffered in a car accident.

According to the reports, the victim was able to drive away from the accident, but the minor accident severely exacerbated prior back injuries and resulted in the need for major treatment and pain control.

Doctor Works With Victim

As a way to further their case, the doctor (now plaintiff and one suing) worked with the victim and his Atlanta personal injury lawyer to ensure that he received all the treatment needed.

According to the recently filed complaint, the doctor also helped the victim prove his claim through expert testimony which established the severity of the man’s injury following the car accident.

Once the dust settled and the claim was proved, the victim was awarded a verdict of $700,000.

This was a substantial award and went a long way to paying for the man’s medical bills and compensate the professionals who helped him win the award.

Following the award, the doctor who treated and testified on the victim’s behalf claimed that he owed him $200,000.

That ends up being nearly a third of the entire settlement.

The now defendant claims that the doctor was already reimbursed over $100,000 for the work that he did in the case.

Unforeseen Aspects to Personal Injury Claim

This case serves as an example of the many costs that are typically associated with proving a personal injury claim following a significant event like a car accident.

For one, as this case shows, anytime a person is in an accident, he or she brings all previous injuries with him or her.

This means that if you already have a bad back and are later in a car accident, that bad back will be injured further, in addition to any injuries that are sustained in the new accident.

In a case like this, the negligent actor is responsible for the new injuries and for the damage caused by old injuries made worse.

Another aspect to all personal injury claims that this case teaches us about is proving a claim.

Insurance companies and negligent actors rarely want to pay the full amount of damages to the victim of an accident.

That is why a victim and his or her mass tort attorney serving Atlanta must hire the right professionals to show why the accident caused the damages claimed.

In this case, it was a spinal doctor because the man had suffered prior back and spinal injuries which were made worse by a new car accident.

What to do After a Car Accident

If you are the victim of a car accident in the Atlanta area, you need the right personal injury attorney in Atlanta.

At The Angell Law Firm, our mass tort attorneys will aggressively represent you and ensure that you get all of the compensation your case deserves.

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