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Greenville Dog Bite Attorney

Greenville Dog Bite Attorney

Greenville, SC Dog Bite Attorney – Ensuring the Injured Are Compensated Fairly

  • If you have been attacked by a dog, speak to an honest and aggressive dog bite attorney at one of the best law firms in South Carolina at once.
  • Bryce Angell is an award-winning lawyer and the founder of The Angell Law Firm.
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  • Mr. Angell, and the other top attorneys on our team, are committed to helping clients recover as much compensation as possible.

Many people consider dogs to be man’s best friend. But unfortunately, dogs are still animals, and they often attack. Dog bites remain very common throughout all 50 states and can have serious consequences. Some dog bite victims suffer permanent disfigurement, nerve and tissue damage and psychological trauma. In extreme cases, dog attacks may even result in death.

If you have been bitten by a dog, there’s no time to waste. Get in touch with a skilled dog bite attorney at The Angell Law Firm at once to discuss your legal options. In the meantime, here are some FAQs about animal attacks in SC.

What Skilled Lawyers Recommend Doing While You Are Being Attacked By A Dog

When under attack, try to remain calm. When dogs sense that you are very anxious, this may make them feel more confident or they may feel that you are a threat to them. Here are other tips to follow during a dog attack:

  • Try to take control of the situation by saying “down” or “go home”, while slowly backing away.
  • Never run away from the dog. You would just increase its excitement, and there’s no way you can run faster than an excited dog.
  • Avoid making eye contact and try to stand sideways to the dog – this will help the dog feel that you’re not a threat. Close your hands to protect your fingers.
  • Try to hold your position for as long as you can. Dogs get distracted easily and may lose interest if you wait long enough.
  • Do your best to stay still and protect your face, chest and throat. However, if the dog grabs you, avoid struggling or pulling away, because these movements may cause open wounds.
  • If you can reach for an object, use it to distract the dog and, if you can, try to get the dog to bite the object, so you can free yourself.
  • If the dog grabs you, your best bet is to fight back. Make use of your body weight to fight, as well as your knees and elbows.
  • When several dogs are attacking you, aim for their eyes, nose, and limbs.
  • If you see a dog attacking another animal or human, you should try to pick up its back legs and hold them in the air. This way the dog won’t be able to cause any more damage.

Unfortunately, even if you follow all of these tips, it’s possible the dog could still seriously injure you. Focus on your recovery while the dog bite attorneys at The Angell Law Firm handle the legal aspect of your case. Call us today to learn more.

If you were hurt during a dog attack, you will need to follow these steps after being bitten:

  • Make sure to report the incident to both the dog owner, the animal control department and other relevant authorities.
  • Seeking medical treatment is of the utmost importance. Remember that sometimes a wound that does not look serious might turn out a big problem afterwards. An untreated wound can become infected or cause nerve damage.
  • Don’t forget to take photographs of all your injuries.
  • Check if the animal has had the proper vaccinations, and if they are all up to date.
  • Obtaining the homeowner’s insurance information for the dog owner is very important as well. This must include both the name, policy number, and agent for the policy.
  • If you know that the owner is renting the home, you should try to obtain information about the owner, their homeowner’s coverage, as well as a copy of the lease agreement.

Dog bite victims should also seek legal representation from a personal injury lawyer at The Angell Law Firm immediately after an attack. Our attorneys can help you gather the information you need to prove liability and recover compensation in your personal injury case. Let us handle these tasks–your priorities should be reporting the incident, taking photographs at the scene, confirming the dog has been properly vaccinated, and of course, seeking medical attention. Remember, even if you do not think you are seriously injured, it’s still a good idea to play it safe by visiting a doctor as soon as possible.

Make Sure To Schedule A Free Consultation With One Of Our Knowledgeable Lawyers At The Angell Law Firm

Have you been injured by another person’s dog? If so, seek legal representation from the experienced dog bite attorneys at The Angell Law Firm at once. Our team of personal injury attorneys has years of experience representing the injured in Greenville. Some of our many practice areas include car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death, slip and fall accidents, and premises liability claims. We will work tirelessly to recover the compensation you deserve.

Let an attorney for dog bite victims review the details of your case and explain your legal options. We will be happy to answer all of your legal questions and go over the process of filing a claim and reaching a settlement to recover damages. To get started, please call our office at (864) 670-2727 or fill out the form on our website to speak to an attorney at law today.

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Dog Bite Attorney in Greenville, SC

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