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Union City is a great place to live and play. You’ve got a variety of things to do. You can visit the Brown’s Muscadine Farm or shopping at the Shannon Mall. Unfortunately, as fun as these activities are, there are many ways that you can get injured. Sometimes, through no fault of your own. This is why you might need a personal injury attorney.

At Angell Law Firm, we have a Union City personal injury attorney available to take your case. You can live anywhere in Atlanta, GA, and seek help when you’ve been injured because of someones negligence. We’ve helped countless people get the compensation they deserve. We can help you as well.

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What Is a Personal Injury?

Personal injuries happen because someone else wasn’t paying attention. It can be a business or an individual. For example, if you’re running and someone’s dog trips you up, that can be a personal injury lawsuit. It also applies when you slip and fall while on a company’s property. This is especially true if  you can prove that there was water or other reasons to cause yourself injury. The blame is on them. This is because you were involved in an accident that you did nothing to warrant. Though you’re careful, you know it can be a split-second from standing and enjoying yourself to twisting an ankle. You can always call us to see about a free consultation so we can help you as best we can.

Does Your Personal Injury Have a Case?

Before you do much else,  you must make sure that your injury fits the bill for a personal injury case. The injury has to have been received within the last two years. If it happened longer ago than that, you aren’t going to be allowed to file a claim for it. This is the law, regardless if you have the best personal injury lawyer in Union City.

The accident has to be the fault of someone else who was negligent. Often, this is where it gets murky for those who are representing themselves. You aren’t sure if someone was at fault or not in some cases. Also, you may not have the means to find out who they are. This can occur if you two didn’t exchange insurance information at the time of the incident. In a car crash, there is going to be police involved. They can get the information if you’re unable to do so, such as if you were unconscious at the time. It’s possible to file your personal injury claim for a variety of situations. If unsure, call us at (770) 217- 4954. Schedule a free consultation with a Union City personal injury lawyer.

The last thing to consider is the third-party who is responsible. They’ve got to be able to pay the compensation you deserve. Many times, this person has insurance, which covers the costs to you. However, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, the person to blame has to pay you out of their own pocket, which can take time.

These things can be highly confusing. Call to get a free consultation and let us walk you through each of the steps and handle your case.
Hurt on the job? Schedule a free consultation with our personal injury lawyers at The Angell Law Firm.


Throughout the years of working in personal injury law, our Union City lawyers have provided free consultations to many people.  Dog bites, car crashes, and wrongful death suits are the most common for our team. However, don’t think that your issue is too unbelievable, as we can still help. We have seen everything.

During the free consultation, clients have the right to ask us anything. Sometimes, they are directly related to the case. Sometimes they are abstract. However, there are a few things that get asked the most. We plan to talk to you through them now.

 How long does a case take?

Your case is going to take as long as necessary to get you the compensation you deserve. Our lawyers tend to get things settled within six or eight months. However, it can take up to 18 months or longer in some situations.

 Do I have to collect any evidence?

Yes, we are going to ask you to bring medical records, police reports, and other documentation to help prove your case. If you have trouble retrieving this information, we can help you with it.

The evidence you require is going to vary. However, our competent lawyers can ensure that you have the right proof when it comes time to present your case. Often, we ask for any photographs you’ve taken of your injuries and of the accident scene. If you didn’t take such photos, obtain them from appropriate law enforcement and medical staff.

If you don’t know what you might need, please call us on (770) 217-4954 to request your free consultation.

 What constitutes a personal injury?

A personal injury can take the form of anything, from a wrongful death to a broken leg or arm. However, common claims involve motor vehicles. If injured in a crash of any kind, make sure that you get checked out by a doctor. Pay particular attention to the neck, head, and back area.

Delayed onset nerve damage could have occurred because of the accident, and this can have a serious and long-term effect on your overall health. Get medical attention immediately after an accident and then talk to a personal injury attorney.
Schedule a free consultation with our personal injury lawyers at The Angell Law Firm.

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We’ve got the best injury law lawyers for Union City, GA, and other parts of Atlanta at Angell Law Firm. We’ve been providing people free consultations for many years and have also won awards because of our abilities and skills.

Please call to schedule an appointment with a personal injury lawyer at Angell Law. Call (770) 217-4954 and get a free consultation to talk about your case and the compensation that is rightfully yours.

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