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How to Prove Liability For Burn Injuries in Georgia

Burn Injuries

Every year millions of Americans suffer

burn injuries.

Any degree of a burn injury can be extraordinarily painful, in fact, burns are often considered to be one of the most painful injuries, according to our Atlanta mass tort lawyers.

Burn injuries can also require significant recovery and rehabilitation time.

Oftentimes this will be very costly as it can include surgeries, extensive medical treatment, and lost wages.

If a burn was caused by the negligent behavior of someone else the victim may be entitled to substantial compensation.

If you have suffered a serious burn injury in Georgia, and you believe someone else is responsible, an experienced personal injury attorney can help.

Most Common Causes of Burns

Burns are usually mentally associated with fire or flames, and that is indeed the most common cause of burn injuries in the United States.

But, fire is only responsible for a little less than half of all burn injuries.

The second very common cause of burn injuries is scalding.

This happens when body tissue comes in contact with hot liquids or steam.

Scalding is the cause one third of all burn injuries.

Finally, thermal burns (contact with hot objects), electrical burns, chemical burns, and smoke inhalation make up the remaining causes of typical burns.

Any of those burns can be the result of the legal negligence of another party.

If another party caused your burn, you should seek the advice of a mass tort attorney, as that party may be liable.

Burn Injury Liability In Georgia

Recovering compensation for virtually any type of personal injury comes down to negligence.

The first step in proving negligence is establishing that the other party owed you a duty of care.

This means that you must establish that the other party had a legal obligation to provide you an expected standard of reasonable care.

You must then prove that the party failed to live up to that standard of care.

And, then finally, you must prove that the failure to live up to that standard was the cause of your burn injury.

As an example, think of when a business sells you a hot cup of coffee.

We all like and expect, our coffee to be hot.

But at the same time, you reasonably expect the coffee will not be so hot that it burns through the bottom of the disposable cup and causes a serious burn injury to you in the process.

In that case, the business selling the coffee had a duty of care and breached it, directly leading to your serious burn injury.

That would be negligence.

Proving negligence can obviously be a tough process because the other side will often fight hard against you to limit their own liability.

You need an experienced burn injury attorney in Atlanta by your side to even the playing field.

Contact A Burn Injury Attorney in Georgia

It is your legal right to hold other parties responsible for their negligent actions.

If you have suffered a burn injury in Georgia, you should discuss your legal options with an attorney.

The Angell Law Firm has almost 20 years of trial experience successfully representing our clients.

Contact The Angell Law Firm today to schedule a consultation with our mass tort lawyers.

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