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Car Accident FAQs: Here’s What You Should Know

Car Accident FAQs

A car accident can often be devastating for those involved, especially when someone else’s negligent behavior caused the car accident. Car accident victims are often left with property damage to their vehicle and physical injuries to their person as a result of the accident.

Anyone involved in a car accident must speak with an experienced car accident attorney immediately after the accident.

Car Accident FAQs.


Q: What Should I Do If An Accident Occurs?

A: The most important thing is to make sure the accident scene is safe, and everyone is out of harm’s way. Once the area is under control, it is important to call 911. Once the police and emergency services arrive, it is essential to inform them of the facts of the accident. If a lawsuit results from the incident, anything said by anyone at the scene may be used later in court. Statements made to the police officer at the scene will be recorded on the police report and used later in determining the outcome of the case. Therefore, it is important to be as clear and accurate as possible when talking to the police.

Q: What If I am a Passenger in the Accident?

A: Unless you are an immediate family member, you will usually have full rights to sue the at-fault driver for negligence with the guidance of a personal injury attorney in Atlanta. It is important to note that immediate family members usually cannot sue one another since Georgia recognizes interspousal immunity, parental immunity, and sibling immunity.

Q: Should I Talk to an Insurance Adjuster?

A: This is a very common question, and we believe there’s only one reasonable answer for this question – and that is “NO.” Even if the insurance company calls you after the accident, we advise you to avoid speaking to them until AFTER you’ve discussed your case with a car accident lawyer in Atlanta. Why do you ask? Simple. The insurance company’s primary goal is to make money and cut expenses, and if they pay you a settlement, that hurts the company’s profit. It doesn’t matter which party’s insurance company we’re talking about; believe us, these companies are only interested in protecting their pockets, not yours.

Q: What If My Bills are Higher than the At-Fault Driver’s Insurance Limits?

A: Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of great options when this occurs. It’s one of the biggest reasons to carry uninsured motorist coverage and medical coverage. However, an injured person can negotiate for payment from the at-fault driver if that person can afford such an agreement. However, most people can’t afford to cover damages since they probably don’t have enough wealth to afford it. The other option is to negotiate with the medical providers by requesting them to reduce their bills. They are often willing to negotiate once they have been informed that there is insufficient insurance and the injured person can’t afford to pay.

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Below are several frequently asked questions that the Atlanta lawyers at The Angell Law Firm hear from clients on a regular basis.

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