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How Do Catastrophic Injuries Typically Occur in Georgia?

Catastrophic Injuries

In addition to wrongful death lawsuits, those legal claims stemming from a catastrophic injury are some of the most complicated and complex any personal injury lawyer in Atlanta and client can face together.

A catastrophic injury is considered to be any type of severe injury to the brain, spinal cord, or the spine itself, including skull or spinal fractures.

Wrongful death lawyers in Atlanta also refer to birth injuries, burn injuries, and fatal injuries to the heart and lungs as catastrophic injuries.

Because of the highly serious nature of these injuries, there are emotionally charged family members seeking a much higher amount from the negligent party responsible for their own or their loved one’s catastrophic injury.

Also, because of the potentially large financial impact on the defendant and/or their insurer, these cases typically involve a large number of attorneys and legal resources for the negligent party.

Catastrophic injury litigation can be complex–just ask our truck accident attorneys in Atlanta.

As such, if you or someone you love has been negligently injured on a catastrophic level, you owe it to yourself or them to arm yourself with an experienced and determined Atlanta catastrophic injury lawyer who knows how to obtain the results you deserve.

Catastrophic injuries occur in a wide variety of ways: car accidents, participating in sports, workplace accidents, construction accidents, and pedestrian accidents, to name a few.

While most catastrophic injuries occur as the result of a direct impact on the body, there are many catastrophic injuries that occur as the result of the body’s failure to systemically respond to overexertion. If the injury happened in Arizona, it is best to speak with a spinal cord injury attorney in Mesa, AZ.

Below are a few examples of the contexts in which catastrophic injuries often occur:

  • Sports-related catastrophic injuries. In the last several years, we at The Angell Law Firm have seen several successful lawsuits filed by parents because their child died from a heat stroke during an especially hot day at football practice.
  • Workplace catastrophic injuries. The important point is that there are Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations and other standards in place to establish a certain level of care owed to the participants of most sports and other workplace activities. These regulations and standards are designed to protect people from catastrophic injuries, and when catastrophic injuries occur it is likely that someone has acted negligently by not complying with safety regulations and standards.
  • Car accident related catastrophic injuries. In the case of catastrophic injuries resulting from car accidents, an experienced personal injury attorney in Atlanta can definitively establish that another driver was negligent and their negligence was a but-for and proximate cause of the catastrophic injury in question.
  • Catastrophic birth injuries. In the case of catastrophic injuries occurring at birth, Georgia courts recognize that there is a standard of medical care owed to the patient and a failure to meet that standard can constitute medical malpractice.

Given the grievous nature of catastrophic injuries and the large financial interests involved, you deserve a lawyer who will fight every step of the way to ensure you and your family are protected and receive the greatest recovery available by law.

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