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 Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Car Accident

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Car Accident

Car accidents are often traumatizing, expensive, time-consuming, and dangerous events.
Sometimes it’s obvious to know you need a lawyer.

However, in some more minor accidents, it can be hard to know whether you need a lawyer’s help to resolve your case, especially right after the accident.

The best way to find out if you need a lawyer after your car accident is to ask a lawyer.

Most lawyers will offer a free consultation so that you can get a professional legal opinion without risk.

Lawyers won’t take on every potential case they find.

The free consultation is a way for them to get the basics of your claim to see if you need a personal injury attorney in Atlanta.

This is the best approach in any car accident case.

A lawyer will be more useful in some types of cases than others.

In the article below, we will look at a few reasons you should hire a personal injury lawyer after your car accident.

Signs You Would Benefit from a Car Accident Lawyer

There are circumstances where having a lawyer is vital after a car accident.  In such situations, a lawyer could negotiate you a much higher settlement. They also know how to counter the tactics insurance companies use to keep you from getting paid.

Situations like these include but are not limited to:

Serious Injuries

More money is at stake with serious injuries. With more money at stake, there is a greater chance the insurance company will try to lowball you.

Serious injuries don’t always mean surgery or hospitalization.

Broken bones, any injury that requires long-term treatments, or anything that causes severe pain are serious injuries.

You aren’t sure how serious your injury is

After car accidents, you can find yourself in “limbo” where your pain isn’t improving.

Maybe your initial treatments aren’t working, and you start to wonder when you’re going to improve.

A lawyer is your best option in situations like these.

Your lawyer will make sure you see the right specialists for your injury, and they will hold the insurance company accountable for the lifetime costs of your treatments.

Are you not sure if your accident was severe enough for an attorney? Read our blog post, “Do I Need a Car Accident Attorney for a Minor Accident?” 

You can’t pay for treatment

Car accident injuries carry enormous financial stress.

If you won’t be able to pay for your treatment, you need a lawyer to be sure the insurance company is offering you enough.

Your lawyer will help you get treatment when you need it without having to pay for it until the insurance money comes through.

We will come alongside you to get your needs met.

You missed work time

Insurance companies always undervalue missed work. Your lawyer will help you get fair compensation for all of your missed workdays.

The insurance company is blaming you

This tactic takes many forms.

The insurance company might say you didn’t report your injury soon enough, or that you made it “worse” by not seeking treatment.  They might even try to say your injury was caused by something else. This is their way of saying they won’t pay for all of it.

You need a lawyer in these situations.

The insurance company isn’t taking your injury seriously

Insurance companies have their best interests at heart.

Their job is to pay the least amount possible and protect their bottom line. Once they put a dollar amount on your diagnosis, they don’t care whether the treatment worked.

Get someone on your side who represents your interests, and force them to take you seriously.

When Should you Contact an Attorney?

You should contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after your accident.

The at-fault party will report the accident to their insurance company right away. Their insurance company will then try to get in touch with you to discuss what happened. You should never speak to an insurance company without first speaking to an attorney.

Remember, the insurance company is not looking out for your best interests.  They are not concerned with your medical expenses or how much time you’ve missed from work because of your injuries. Insurance companies need to get you to accept a low settlement offer.

Your attorney will be able to deal with the insurance company for you. This will keep you from having to worry about misspeaking or agreeing to a settlement lower than you deserve.

You also need to keep the statute of limitations for personal injury claims in mind.

After a certain amount of time passes, you won’t be able to file a claim to recover compensation for your injuries. In many states, the statute of limitations is two years from the date your accident occurred.  This seems like plenty of time, but it passes quickly, especially when you are trying to recover from a severe injury.

The quicker you contact an attorney, the sooner he can begin formally filing a claim.

Once you speak with an attorney, you will need to provide him with all of the information you have about the accident. They will need your recollection of what happened, the other parties’ contact information, the police report, and medical documentation.  Your attorney will then determine what he thinks your personal injury claim is worth and begin the negotiation process with the insurance company.

If an agreement cannot be reached through negotiation, the case will have to go to trial.

Our attorneys will help fight for your compensation.

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The best way to know if you need an attorney after your car accident is to ask an attorney.

At The Angell Law Firm in Atlanta, we offer a free consultation with some of Atlanta’s best personal injury lawyers.

During the free consultation, we’ll go over your accident to determine whether you need an attorney’s services.

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