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Workplace Accident

Were you hurt in a workplace accident? Of all personal injury types in Atlanta, on-the-job injuries are some of the most common. They range from minor pain to extensive damage requiring prolonged medical attention and rehab, loss of wages, or even an inability to work in the future.

You deserve to have your costs covered, and your rights protected. Speak with the expert workplace injury legal team at The Angell Law Firm as soon as possible to find out if you have a winnable case. Call us today at (770) 217-4954.

We frequently assist victims of workforce injuries with their claims. We also know the tricks that insurance companies often play to try to get out of paying you the full amount you deserve.

Over the many years of helping people injured on-the job in Atlanta, we’ve answered many questions from our clients. Here are some we are most often asked.

What Should I Do If I’m Hurt at Work?

If you have been harmed in a workplace incident, then your first step is to file a report. You need to let your supervisor know about the injury immediately. This is important if you decide to make a claim against expenses you incur from the incident.

The next step is to see a physician for medical attention. Do not ignore your injuries for fear of the cost or missing work. The injuries related to your accident could be more serious than you realize. Sometimes when people delay medical attention there are negative lasting health effects.

Another reason you want to see a doctor right away is to establish a formal record of your injuries. Good evidence is most often what leads to successful legal claims. Medical records are excellent forms of evidence.

The next step is to hire a skilled workplace accident lawyer. Pursuing legal claims is complex, and your employer’s insurance company has lawyers figuring out how to legally not pay you  the compensation you deserve. Make it a fair fight by choosing the Angell Law Firm to represent you against them.

What Types of Workplace Injuries Can You Help With?

There are all types of workplaces in Atlanta, some more dangerous than others. For example, a construction site is more dangerous and more likely to see a workplace injury than an office environment.

However, office injuries can happen. We’ve helped people win slip and fall claims, and even receive compensation for carpal tunnel.

Here are some of the frequently seen injuries that happen in the workplace:

Slip and falls

Carpal tunnel

Driving accidents

Trucking accidents

Defective equipment or machinery injuries

Dangerous chemical exposure

Back injuries

Sprains and strains

Does It Matter If I’m at Fault for My Work Injury?

In a workplace injury case, it does not matter which party is at fault for the accident. You can still receive compensation whether your employer was negligent or not.

Do not let your employer scare you into not filing a claim because the accident was in some way your fault. In Atlanta workplace accident cases it is possible to receive compensation no matter which party is to blame for the injury.

If you have an employer or an insurance company telling you that you cannot receive compensation because you’re to blame, then you need to talk to the Angell Law Firm legal team right away. You should never have to forfeit your benefits because you’re accused of causing the accident. We will protect your rights and aggressively advocate for the compensation you deserve.

Can You Help Me When a Third Party Is Involved?

Yes, we can help you in workplace injury cases where another party is involved. Not every injury on the job is caused by the employer or the employee.

For example, if you are driving your work vehicle on the clock and you’re hit by a drunk driver, then you could have grounds for a personal injury case in addition to a worker’s injury claim. The negligence or harmful actions of the third party in such cases are considered by the court, and you could potentially sue the third party in a personal injury lawsuit.

When a third party is involved in your injury, then you should involve us as soon as possible. These cases can be rather complex in nature. We need to prove that the negligent party is at fault for your accident. The sooner we are engaged, the stronger case we can build for you.

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