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Who is Liable in Side-Impact Accidents?

Side-Impact Accidents

Car Accident Lawyers Serving Atlanta

Side-impact collisions leave passengers vulnerable to forces that can cause catastrophic injuries.

Drivers who negligently cause a side-impact accident may face liability.

The Atlanta car accident attorneys of The Angell Law Firm help victims recover from serious injuries.

If you have been injured by a negligent driver, our Atlanta truck accident lawyers can help you seek the compensation you deserve.

Thousands of Side-Impact Crashes Occur Each Year in Georgia

Georgia Department of Public Health data reveals that more than 80,000 angled impact wrecks occur each year in Georgia.

In Fulton County alone, between 12,00 and 14,000 of these crashes happened in each of the past few years.

Side-impact accidents, sometimes called T-bone crashes, can occur for a number of reasons.

If an accident was caused by a driver who ran a stop sign or a red light, for example, someone injured in the accident may be able to hold the responsible driver accountable.

Georgia Residents Injured by a Negligent Driver Can File a Lawsuit

When a person is harmed in a car accident caused by another driver, the victim may file a lawsuit to seek compensation for his or her injuries.

In many instances, the victim argues that the defendant was legally negligent, which means:

  • The defendant owed a duty to the injured party;
  • The defendant breached his duty of care; and
  • The defendant’s breach caused the victim’s injuries.

Georgia law tasks drivers with a duty to exercise reasonable care.

This means drivers must act the same way as an ordinary reasonable person in similar circumstances.

It is a duty that all drivers owe to everyone around them.

If the defendant in a side-impact accident case was driving aggressively or was distracted, these unreasonable behaviors could be considered a breach of that duty.

If the behavior caused an accident that injured another person, the driver may be liable under Georgia law.

Alternately, some accident victims might consider arguing a theory of negligence per se, especially if the driver responsible for the accident was ticketed for breaking a law, such as O.C.G.A § 46-6-20, which requires drivers to abide by traffic signals and stop signs.

When a driver breaks a law designed to protect other people on the roads, a victim can focus on proving causation because the breach is automatically presumed in these cases.

Ask an experienced personal injury lawyer in Atlanta about the best options for recovering compensation for your injuries.

Victims Can Get Damages from Negligent Drivers

If a person injured by a negligent driver prevails in his lawsuit, the defendant may be required to pay compensatory damages.

These damages are intended to make the injured party whole, so they reimburse the victim for expenses such as medical bills, physical therapy, lost wages, and property damage.

Furthermore, the defendant must compensate the victim for pain and suffering, emotional distress, and other subjective injuries.

In some cases, defendants whose behavior showed willful misconduct also may be liable for punitive damages.

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A serious side-impact collision can leave a person out of work, injured, and without money to pay bills.

With years of experience litigating Atlanta traffic accident cases, The Angell Law Firm can help you protect your legal rights if you were injured by a negligent driver.

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