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3 Essential Types of Evidence Needed to Prove a Car Accident Case

Evidence Needed to Prove a Car Accident Case

If you’ve been wrongfully injured in a car accident, you may feel that responsibility clearly falls upon the other driver.

After all, you were at the scene of the incident to witness what happened directly.

For courts, however, placing fault can be much more complicated.

They need hard evidence before ruling in your favor.

Our Atlanta car accident attorneys have years of experience locating evidence to bolster our clients’ personal injury claims.

Here are three of the most vital pieces of evidence that our truck accident attorneys in Greenville have seen sway a great number of cases.

Witness Testimony

Litigated personal injury claims can quickly descend into a “he said, she said” battle of words.

That is what makes witness testimony from the scene of an accident so important.

The more people who can give firsthand accounts of what occurred at an accident scene, the easier it is to determine liability for damages.

For this reason, taking down the names, phone numbers, and addresses of witnesses at an accident scene is critical toward supporting your case later.

Vehicle Damages

Many personal injury cases can suffer from a lack of physical evidence at the alleged accident scene.

This is often not the case in car accidents.

Your claim will likely involve one vital piece of evidence: the physical damages to your car.

This evidence can show where you were hit, the severity of the damages, and offer innumerable clues on the circumstances of the accident itself.

If a plaintiff argues that you hit him or her, for example, the damages to your car may prove otherwise.

Police Reports

As officers of the law, police enjoy a higher standard of reputability as witnesses in a courtroom setting.

That is what makes the police report in a car accident case so important.

Upon arriving at an accident, a police officer will often take note of all aspects of the scene.

This can include the location of relative vehicles and their license plate numbers, injuries, interviews with witnesses, and discussions with those directly involved in the accident itself.

Taken together, this report provides a comprehensive overview of the events before, during, and after an accident.

As such, it is perhaps the most important piece of evidence in a car accident injury case.

This makes it especially important to call the police immediately if you have been in a car accident involving injuries.

You will then have the opportunity to give your testimony to the office directly and ensure that he or she files a detailed police report.

Get the Help You Deserve from an Experienced Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

When it comes to assembling evidence for a car accident claim, there is no substitute for experienced legal representation from a truck accident attorney.

At Angell Law Firm, we help car accident victims throughout the Atlanta area obtain the compensation they deserve with a robust legal defense in and out of the courtroom.

Call our personal injury attorneys serving Atlanta today at 770-217-4954 for a free consultation to discuss your case.

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